Elitium growth story

The Secret to Overnight Success

There’s one quote that has always stuck in my mind.

It comes from arguably the most successful entrepreneur of all time. A man still riding the crest, nearly 25 years on from founding his company.

The quote is this.

–“All overnight success takes about 10 years.”–Jeff Bezos

Overnight Success Takes Years

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon on 5th July 1994. He charged forward with an IPO in 1997. Yet, it wasn’t until early 2001 that Amazon finally scratched a profit; of just £5m.

It took nearly a decade for the e-commerce behemoth to hit its stride.

Amazon achieved its first annual profit in 2004. So, if you take away one thing from the world’s most successful company – it’s that overnight success takes time.

Interestingly, Bitcoin is tracking a similar path.

We were first introduced to the Bitcoin white paper in 2008. Nine years passed. Then, as if overnight, Bitcoin entered the public domain. And despite the crypto winter, Bitcoin, at last, seems set to succeed.

Delving deeper, each of the top-ten cryptocurrencies has existed for four years or more (Cardano created 2015; Stellar, 2014; Tether, 2014) – beneath them, we see a selection of coins, many forked from the top projects.

It’s there for all to see – the long game is key to success.

Elitium’s Long Game

Turning our attention inward…

The Elitium founders had the idea for a luxury cryptocurrency back in 2017. EUM is the fruit of a promising foray into cryptocurrency with luxury yacht rental platform, Boatsters. Customer research only backed up our ideas, which compelled the team to release a White Paper in August 2018.

Then, in a little under one year, we developed an ERC-20 token. We listed a coin on two prominent exchanges. And we grew a steady following – despite choosing to forego an ICO in pursuit of a more sustainable path to growth.

And while market conditions have been tough, we’re re-entering a positive phase.

Bitcoin trading has surged across the board. EUM trading volumes are steadying on both Stex and Bitmart. Today, we’re in discussion with three new exchanges, though we’re heeding lessons from past experiences.

We’ve been hyper-selective in who we’ve approached. We’ll only list on the best exchange, and only once daily trading hits a critical volume.

Then, once it has – it’s time for Coinmarketcap.

How Elitium Will Reach ‘Critical Volume’

Yet, before we list on a new exchange, we need the support in place.

So, over the last three weeks, we’ve been busily building relationships with a selection of key influencers. Each of whom has pledged their network to Elitium.

And we’ll back up the YouTube activity with a global social media campaign. Alongside engaging the most active investors who together, can help take Elitium to the next level.

Still, we’re not relying on others to take Elitium forward. We’re innovating and creating – as we push towards success.

Elitium Staking

Elitium is about to release a staking protocol built on PIVX technology.

A second coin paired with EUM that presents a unique concept to strengthen our ecosystem. An offering that broadens the use cases for EUM. So now, buyers, holders, traders, and partners can extract value before the launch of our luxury lifestyle application.

While the speed, anonymity, and simplicity of the PIVX blockchain uphold the core principles of Elitium.

Referral Program

The Elitium referral program offers investors a way to earn a passive income. Everyone gets a unique link to refer people to our dashboard where they can buy EUM with any one of 60 different cryptos.

As the referrer earns a reward on every purchase using their link.

Once the system is in place, a team of five ambassadors will kickstart the program to propel EUM to the next phase of growth.

Elitium is Building an Overnight Success Story

Every success endures a period of growing pains.

At Elitium, we’re very early into what we’re confident will be our ‘overnight’ success. We’re creating value by building a network; an ecosystem; and offering new ways to use our coin.

  • Sourcing partnerships to supercharge our luxury lifestyle application;
  • Pushing through the staking program to return value to Elitium members;
  • Launching ambassador and referral programs to power further growth.

And as ever, we’re committed to executing to the highest standards.

So yes, things are taking time. We’re focused on several targets. But when you’re in business for the long haul – building a blockchain company, not a pump-and-dump scheme – time well spent is the best investment.

As every action creates a stronger, more valuable coin. One that will remain profitable for years to come.

Stay Tuned

So, stay tuned.

We’re in the first chapters of our story, but a push is coming.

The world will soon know about Elitium. Our following is destined to grow. Most importantly, we’re reaching an audience that wants to use our platform, driving daily volume for everyone’s benefit.

An overnight success in the making – and we’re scarcely one year in.