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9 Ways EUM Helps You Get More From Elitium

If you’ve been using Elitium for some time, you’ll know all about EUM. But if you’re new to the platform, then Elitium’s native cryptocurrency might be somewhat of an unknown.

That’s why we’ve written today’s post: to give these new arrivals a quick introduction to our utility token. But even if you consider yourself an Elitium old-hat, why not give this short post a read.

You might be pleasantly surprised by a few new developments, so let’s get stuck in.

EUM token utility

EUM is Elitium’s fuel. 

We use it to settle platform fees, and the token powers several products, including staking and our DeFi plans.

Better still, if you hold the token in your wallet, you’ll be given access to exclusive perks — while if you spend EUM on your Elitium card, you can get up to 1% cashback on everything you buy.

There are many reasons to love EUM, but these are our top nine.

  1. Get Boosted APY

If you opt-in to receive EUM as part of your DeFi payouts, we’ll boost the APY on your USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, and PAXG savings accounts.

  1. Earn Staking Rewards

If you hold a balance of EUM, you can stake it with Elitium and earn up to 14% APY if locked for 36 months (or you can operate a masternode for up to 28% APY).

  1. Send Money For Free

If you want to send money across the world, why not send EUM. After all, the transaction is completely free, and the money arrives instantly.

  1. Pay for Cloud Mining

If you want to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum instead of buying it directly, you can rent mining rig space from Elitium (paid for in EUM), then earn a share of our rewards.

  1. Enjoy early-access investments

The Elitium platform includes tokenized offerings, NFTs, and airdrops. And we offer EUM holders early access, alongside discounted fees when you pay in EUM.

  1. Join us for exclusive events

Elitium offers more than investments. We run art exhibition NFT BAZL, an experiential platform called the Elitium Suite, and a premier concierge service — to which all EUM holders get priority access.

  1. Spend EUM worldwide

When you have an Elitium Card, you can spend EUM in over 46 million shops worldwide, and you’ll earn up to 1% cashback, paid in your local currency, EUM, even gold.

  1. Trade EUM on top-tier exchanges

For those interested in trading, you can buy and sell EUM on the world’s best exchanges (and you can stake EUM on Bitmart, earning up to 7.5% annual EUM rewards).


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