Let’s focus on the positive power of growth in this time of crisis

  • Get rewards for helping Elitium grow
  • Focus on action and spur optimism during troubled times
  • Become part of something new, something big

The Elitium Growth Program is nearing launch. Join our community, follow our updates and be the first to know about the program on the day we release it.

Elitium Growth Program

What is the Growth Program?

The Growth Program incentivizes users to become active in our community and spread a positive message. If you take part, we offer generous loyalty rewards: the more value you create, the more EUM you get in return.
We’ve set aside a pool of 1,000,000 EUM to reward Growth Program members. And this is just for the launch phase.
Once we roll the program out fully, we’ll increase the pool.

How to get your share of 1,000,000 EUM?



  • Write articles related to Elitium
  • Share the articles with your network
  • Create related Facebook groups
  • Participate in market-making
  • Grow our business and source new partners
  • Talk about Elitium to grow our userbase

…with the full details of the Elitium Growth Program to be confirmed soon.

Elitium Growth Program

How it works

Elitium Growth Program
Join our community
Elitium Growth Program

Write, share, grow.

Elitium Growth Program

Get your rewards.

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Create an account for the Elitium Dashboard and be one of the first to use the Growth Program. Besides that, you can also buy EUM easily with your credit card and start staking in one click.