Earn More Interest on your USD/EUR/GBP By Saving With Elitium

Earn up to 3.4% interest on your funds with Elitium Stable Savings.

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Zero volatility savings account

Up to 3.4%

Deposit or withdraw at any time

No minimum deposit, no fees

Highest liquidity on the market

Based on DeFi protocol

Elitium Stable Savings Account

Earn interest on your funds with the market’s highest liquidity crypto savings account.

Stable Savings Account

Up to 3.4% interest per year

How To Earn More Interest On Your Savings

Earn more interest thanks to the DeFi protocol

Fund Stable Savings Account

Sign in to the Elitium Dashboard.
Click your Elitium Stable Savings Account. Subscribe funds.

Earn Interest

Earn up to 3.4% interest on
your funds. Top up or withdraw at any time for 0% fees.

Earn Interest. Spend Rewards

Earn a minimum of 3% interest with a Stable Savings account.
Spend any time on your Elitium Card.

The best way to diversify
your crypto

Elitium is the only platform to offer so many ways to diversify your crypto. Invest in digital shares, stake EUM, or use the Stable Savings account: minimize your risk, maximize your rewards, and spend crypto in 46m+ merchants worldwide.

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Earn More Interest By Saving With Elitium

Be the first to know when Stable Savings is available in the Elitium Dashboard.

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Want to know more? Check our most frequently asked questions on staking

  • DeFi stands for decentralized finance. Decentralized finance refers to the ecosystem of financial applications developed on top of blockchain networks. The DeFi movement aims to create an open-source, permissionless, and transparent financial services ecosystem that operates without any central authority and that anyone can access.
    Proponents support DeFi as it allows users to maintain full control of their assets while engaging with services like lending, borrowing, and insurance thanks to peer-to-peer, decentralized applications.
  • A Stable Savings account uses a DeFi protocol to enable you to earn a fixed interest on your idle crypto funds. When you hold funds in a zero volatility Stable Savings account, you’re essentially lending your digital assets to borrowers, and they pay you interest in return.
  • Stable Savings accounts generate interest based on a decentralized finance protocol. The particular DeFi protocol that Stable Savings accounts use is flash loans. Flash loans use the blockchain to loan stablecoins, like USDC, to third parties. And the third-party pays a fixed interest on all loaned funds.
  • A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that pegs its value to a real-world asset. For example, USDC pegs its value to the US Dollar, meaning the price of 1 USDC is always $1.
  • As stablecoins peg their value to real-world assets, like the US Dollar, Stable Savings accounts offer a zero volatility, high liquidity savings option. In contrast, an EUM staking account is higher volatility as the price of EUM can fluctuate more wildly — but that’s why EUM staking offers higher rewards.
  • If you have both a Stable Savings and an EUM staking account, you diversify your portfolio for a lower risk, higher reward position that also includes the benefit of lower overall volatility.