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Stocks and shares limit you to investing in public companies. With Elitium Capital, there are no limits. We handpick real-world assets for you to trade as you want — making it easy for you to build a truly diversified portfolio.

Investing should be easy and secure

Elitium Capital is the only digital share platform that lets you invest in unique real estate, build a truly diversified portfolio, and become part-owner of a New York City hotel. How do we do it? Through a process called ‘Tokenization.’

Tokenization is creating digital shares that represent a real-world asset, like a hotel. For example, we could create 100 digital shares to represent (the fictional) Hotel Elitium and, if you bought 20 tokens, you’d own 20% of our hotel!

…meaning you get to invest in multi-million-dollar real estate without writing million-dollar cheques, then enjoy benefits like quarterly dividends, capital growth, a truly diversified investment portfolio — with a few complimentary nights, events and parties, thrown in.

Elitium Capital

Real-world assets, gone digital

  • Invest in a new asset class: tokenized real estate
  • Select investments based on yield or risk
  • Diversify portfolios by balancing dividends and capital gains

A new asset class, a familiar experience.

  • Register an account in a few simple steps
  • Browse opportunities, analyze KPIs, access detailed information
  • Track performance via your portfolio dashboard
  • Buy, sell or trade tokens, as often as you want
Elitium Capital
Elitium Capital

100% transparent, 100% secure


  • Documentation published on project-specific blockchains
  • Security guaranteed by institutional grade encryption
  • Fully licenced with US, UK, and EU-wide compliance

Interested? Start investing in just 3 steps

Elitium Capital

The investment project overview gives you a simple way to discover all of the unique and exclusive investment projects that are available. Check all of the relevant specifications in one place and select a project based on your requirements.

Elitium Capital

Investing made simple. With our natively developed process, which is enhanced by the blockchain to offer 100% transparency and 100% security of your funds, you can invest even bigger amounts reliably in one click.

Elitium Capital

Always check how the projects you have invested in are developing in your portfolio. Check all of the key metrics in one sight and receive your dividend payout or trade your shares to realize profits with our peer-to-peer exchange feature.

Elitium Capital

Note: The project in the image above is a placeholder. The first projects will be communicated once Elitium Capital is officially launched.

Key Features

Elitium Capital is made for investors who seek investment opportunities of the new economy, while keeping all the perks of traditional trading and investing.



Elitium Capital
Blockchain-verified Transparency
Full visibility across data and documentation with information published on project-specific blockchains.
Elitium Capital
Quality Standard
In-house due diligence process used to vet projects, leveraging real-time business data and future projections.
Elitium Capital
Unique Investment Opportunities
Exclusive access to real-world assets with significant long-term potential.
Elitium Capital
Advanced Features
24/7 trading, buy & stop orders, quarterly dividends, with nominal commission fees.
Elitium Capital
Full compliance
Elitium is in process of acquiring necessary security licenses for compliance across the EU, UK and the US, which will be ready for launch of the platform.
Elitium Capital
Price Stability
No risk of currency devaluation between deposit and investment thanks to our unique, price-stable investment solution.

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