The World’s First Genuine Crypto Credit Card

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Use in 46m+
shops worldwide

Access a $10K credit
line in an instant

No proof of salary, no
bank checks

Instant 1% cashback
on spending

Settle repayments
in EUM rewards

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Anyone can request an Elitium Diamond Card. Simply open an Elitium account, purchase a masternode for 100,000 EUM, and request your diamond crypto credit card from the Elitium team.

Up To US $10,000
Credit Line

Access a credit line of up to $10,000. And repay the balance using your masternode rewards. Masternodes pay up to 25% EUM rewards per year, giving you an easy way to cover your spending.

A Credit Card With
A Difference

The Elitium crypto credit card works just like any debit card — except it allows you to have a $0 balance and still spend, all without charging a fee, all thanks to a $10,000 credit line.

Solopreneurs, Delight.

Most issuers require payslips or a proof of funds. This counts many people, including entrepreneurs, out. The Elitium Diamond Card only needs an upfront investment in a masternode, after which the credit line becomes instantly available.

The World’s First Real
Crypto Credit Card

The Elitium Diamond Card is the first real credit card in crypto. Use your masternode investment to secure up to US $10K in credit, then make repayments using your 25% masternode rewards.

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  • Most crypto credit cards use other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, as collateral to offer stablecoin loans. And you may have to set aside up to $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to get a $5,000 USDT credit line.
    The Diamond Card offers you a collateral-free credit line. You just have to invest in an Elitium Masternode up-front.
  • The Diamond Card is most appropriate for clients who struggle to get a credit line via traditional routes. Typically, credit card issuers require proof of funds — like payslips — before issuing a credit card.
    The Elitium Diamond Card doesn’t have such requirements, meaning solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a sufficient cash balance but no access to typical employee documents, like payslips or similar, can still get a credit card.
  • The Elitium Diamond Card does not impose payment deadlines. You can simply use the EUM rewards generated by your masternode to repay your credit balance, meaning you never have to worry about missing a payment.
    Plus, the value of your EUM rewards can always increase, making it even easier to cover your credit.
  • A masternode is a powerful, dedicated, and secure server. Masternodes require a cryptocurrency deposit — called collateral — to run. And the collateral allows the masternode to become a trusted third-party within a blockchain network.

    Masternodes play two particular roles: they enhance security and provide independent governance on a blockchain. Each masternode also hosts a full copy of the blockchain in real-time alongside a full copy of the ledger, allowing the masternode to feed a secondary-level of services over a network and facilitate more advanced functions, like carrying out specific tasks related to block validation.

  • The Elitium Diamond Card is the first real credit card in the crypto industry. Plus, it uses masternode rewards to offer a credit line of up to $10K, which cardholders can use to repay their outstanding credit line.

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