Supersize your rewards, run a Masternode.

First, what is a Masternode?

A Masternode is a collateral-backed server. It provides independent governance on a blockchain by hosting a full copy of the ledger, possibly even powering a second layer of services on a network that facilitates more advanced functionality.

Facebook has sold Masternodes for its Libra Network to clients, including Shopify, Spotify, and Uber, for US $10m.

The firms paid the sum as they not only get to contribute to running Facebook’s nascent cryptocurrency, but they’ll also receive a reward for doing so.
In fact, Masternodes can offer an ROI of anywhere between 10%-8,000% per year while there’s only ever a limited number of Masternodes available on any network.

Supersize your rewards, run a Masternode.

Elitium has 18 Masternodes available, which are used to power the Elitium Staking Program. Elitium requires an investment of $100,000 EUM to run one Masternode and offers operators a reward of up to 25% annualized returns, distributed in EUM, for services provided to the Elitium Network.

Available today: 18 Masternodes

100,000k EUM collateral

Up to 25% rewards per year (pro-rated if funds withdrawn before 12 months are up)

To start, you need to deposit 100k EUM in your Dashboard, notify us and we will set up a Masternode for you.

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