EUM – The Beating Heart of Elitium

One currency powers it all

It feels like cryptocurrency has been around for an age. Still, the world lacks one you can use like traditional currency. EUM changes that.
EUM is the foundation on which Elitium is built. It is a registered ERC-20 utility token that benefits from the strength and diversity of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a low-fee, fast, and simple-to-spend alternative to USD, GBP, EUR, or JPY — in fact, you can use EUM to replace pretty much any currency you choose. You can store EUM in any wallet, you can spend EUM in any store.

With advantages over any traditional currency, wherever you look.

Use it for exclusive access to money-can’t-buy experiences
Spend it on your Elitium Card and get instant cashback
Or leave it to one side and generate up to 6.5% rewards
Let it become the bedrock of your luxury lifestyle, as well.

Buy EUM on Exchanges

Where to hold EUM?

Every holder of EUM can use the following wallets.




Trust Wallet



Where to use EUM?

Below you can find the payment gateways and platforms where EUM can be used on.

The luxury coin EUM is currently being used as a tradable coin & payment instrument on specific platforms. Once the mobile app is ready, EUM will become a real currency that can be used as payment method for luxury goods & services. While using it you’ll be insured by our insurance coin EUMI and you will get rewarded with reward coins in the form of EUMX.

EUMX can be spend on the platform on luxury goods such as watches, jewelry and perfume.

For more information about the app and the company roadmap, please read our extensive whitepaper. We also would like to join our community to stay up to date about the developments of EUM: