Why You Should Become an Elitium Ambassador in 2019

With explosive growth in the blockchain sector expected to continue throughout 2019, there is no better time to become involved in the industry in a hands-on way.

In order to assist people in taking advantage of this booming sector, we at Elitium are launching an exclusive Ambassador Program.

We are actively searching for those specifically interested in blockchain technology and the luxury lifestyle. Through this program, we aim to deliver a hands-on luxury experience to improve our Ambassadors’ lifestyle, knowledge, and connections.

Why should I become an ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will join the community and receive voting rights within the project.

You will also receive personal technical and business coaching to advance your own skills and expertise.

We want to assist you with building connections in the blockchain and luxury industries. To help with this, we’ll be hosting exclusive meet-ups and Elitium networking events, on a monthly basis.

We are also exploring offering paid work on projects and partnership deals, for first-hand experience and development.

Last but not least, you’ll receive some fresh Elitium clothing to represent us when you’re out and about at events!

What’s in it for Elitium?

Of course, you won’t be the only ones benefitting from the Elitium Ambassador Program. We’ve designed it as a mutually beneficial relationship, which will provide two key benefits to the advancement of the Elitium ecosystem.

Firstly, it will provide a reliable source of revenue to maintain the project and fund further growth and development.

Second, it will be an effective way to increase the platform’s exposure within the luxury industry, making a name for the Elitium brand within the sector!

We believe the the program will create an excellent positive feedback loop, resulting in continued improvement of both the platform and our ambassadors.

Sound great! How can I apply to become an Ambassador?

To become an ambassador, click this link and follow the instructions.

It’s a short and simple process, involving a small form, online questionnaire, and a Skype call for successful applicants.

We hand-pick our Ambassadors, so we can’t make any promises – but we welcome everyone to apply!

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