This Is Why We’re Limiting Access To The Elitium App

Elitium stands for premium service. That’s to say: we want every client to feel they have our undivided attention, no matter what.

The focus will play a crucial role in nearly every client’s success. Because most investors who use the Elitium App will have had little experience with cryptocurrency, and they’ll need a degree of support when it comes to building a diversified portfolio.

That’s why we’re rolling out access on an invite-only basis. The policy won’t stay forever, but it will be the case for at least the coming months.

Invites Grant Access

As of April 1st 2021, Elitium is onboarding carefully selected fifty thought-leaders.

The invite grants access to the entire platform, giving an exclusive userbase the chance to experience and comment on the ecosystem.

This feedback will be crucial not only in optimizing the user experience. It will help us understand the kinds of products and services investors want us to introduce next, ensuring every client can enjoy an optimal investment experience down the line.

And starting April 15th 2021 at 00:01 CET, you will be able to apply to the platform. We will admit all applicants to a waiting list and onboarding will be based on a first come, first serve basis of limited pools.

That said, we’re not currently in a position to confirm when we’ll grant you access.

Best For HNW Investors

In line with our focus on service, we will ask early investors to deposit at least $25,000 on creating an account.

The reason being, the higher investment will guarantee that our clients want to use the platform for strategic, long-term growth — while we’ll still be able to give personalized, bespoke advice to anyone who requests it.

Moreover, the more focused client-base will give more targeted feedback, which can only benefit future investors. Meaning when we finally open the doors to the waiting list, you’ll see nothing but a top-tier platform with a premium service.

…as that is our ultimate ambition. 

One day, we’ll remove all restrictions, ultimately serving anyone who wants to diversify a portfolio and discover value on the blockchain.


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