Why Personalization Matters In Wealth Management?

People like to manage their money in different ways.

That’s why the Elitium wealth management app exists. And it’s the reason we designed the dashboard to be fully customizable for each client.

The setup allows you to create the perfect wealth management experience. So that when you first access the app, you can choose between a wide selection of investments, putting your preferred portfolio front-and-center of the dashboard.

In doing so, you’ll have an overview that reflects your precise needs — helping you manage your money in the best way possible.

Crypto Wealth Management Choices

The Elitium app comprises an array of crypto wealth management solutions, enabling clients to grow their wealth through EUM-focused products, including masternodes and staking, alongside DeFi solutions that span Stable Savings and investments in gold.

An option you won’t see anywhere else is Elitium’s in-house tokenization platform, Elitium Capital, through which you can buy digital shares in luxury hotels and real estate. Then, to round off the experience, the Elitium Crypto Card guarantees instant access to all your funds worldwide. 

But given everyone has different priorities, you’ll want to choose which products you see on your dashboard.

And that’s where the ‘Personalize’ option comes in.

How to Personalize the Future Elitium App:

You can see a functional prototype of the Elitium app by clicking here.

When you open the preview, you’ll see a ‘Personalize’ button in the upper-left corner of the screen (next to ‘Dashboard’).

Click the button, and you’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Add or remove widgets from the dashboard;
  2. Customize the order in which they appear.

When the app V2 officially launches in Q1 2021, we invite you to do whatever it takes to make the dashboard as easy to use as possible —  and if your preferences change, feel free to update your widgets as often as you like.

Enjoy wealth management without limits: create an Elitium account today.