Why Diversified Cashback Is The Next Big Thing.

Investment advice often revolves around one phrase. Diversification is key. But what does that mean? In truth, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Diversification means adding a range of products to your portfolio. The act of diversification both spreads risk and lowers your overall risk profile. In other words, it results in less volatile yet equally attractive returns.

It’s a strategy every investor would do well to apply: to show you how, we’ll share a concrete example.

Here’s how diversification works in the real world.

How To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

We’re going to put the above concept into a crypto-context.

Let’s imagine you’ve invested all your funds into a single altcoin, like Elitium’s native cryptocurrency EUM.

No matter how well you think EUM might perform, it’s a risky strategy. Because there’s never a guarantee that one coin will succeed. Or you could miss out on quicker gains if other currencies outperform EUM in the near term.

Instead, you should diversify your holdings by investing in several altcoins. In this case, even if one crypto underperforms, but the others do well, you’ll still enjoy substantial gains — while balancing your overall risk.

And you should apply this strategy to more than just your crypto investments. To get the best returns in life, you should use diversification across the board.

Which brings us swiftly onto our main point.

What Is Diversified Cashback?

Diversified cashback means earning a range of currencies as you spend on a credit card. 

It could be a mix of dollars, EUM, even gold. And it’s an innovative concept: one that no other credit card currently offers.

For example, if you use American Express, you can only get cashback in dollars, euros, or local currency. That’s all well and good, provided the dollar, euro, or your local currency doesn’t depreciate. But if your chosen currency performs poorly, the value of your cashback goes down as well. 

On the other hand, if you diversify your cashback across several currencies and assets, you can protect its value, even if one of your picks loses value. And that setup can only be a good thing.

Couple diversified cashback with the prospect of monthly rewards: and now, you’re in a financial ecosystem it pays to be a part of. 

To show you why let’s find another example.

How A Masternode And A Credit Card Enhances Diversified Cashback?

With Elitium, you have a simple way to generate both rewards and cashback.

When you invest 150,000 EUM in an Elitium Masternode, you get up to 25% in annual EUM rewards. And you receive an Elitium Diamond Card, which pays 1% cashback on everything you buy, either in EUM, US dollars or gold-backed PAXG.

You choose your preferred currency. The Elitium ecosystem maximizes the value of your diversified cashback:

  1. Receive up to 25% masternode rewards (or 37,500 EUM) per year
  2. Generate up to 6.5% additional staking rewards per year
  3. Earn 1% cashback when you spend on your Diamond Card (paid in EUM, dollars, or gold)

As you can see, a masternode is a gateway into a diversified cashback stream. 

It enables you to create value by securing your EUM and giving you a credit card. Moreover, it’s a valuable asset in its own right because, if the price of EUM goes up, so will the value of your initial investment.

And let’s not forget, every Diamond Card includes a $10,000 credit line, which you can spend in over 46 million shops worldwide.

The interplay between masternode and credit card results in a valuable ecosystem.

One that could make diversified cashback the next big thing.

Diversify your cashback: request a masternode now.