What is Elitium

What Is Elitium?

The blockchain first emerged in 2009. Still, it feels like a frontier technology. You’d think that in ten years, we’d have seen more progress. Then again, when you learn the internet first appeared in 1983, you realize a decade isn’t so long — not in technological terms. 

It took eleven years for the likes of Amazon to open their digital doors. Now, eleven years on from the Bitcoin launch, it feels like Elitium is finding its stride.

Discovering Value On The Internet 2.0

Experts dub the blockchain as the ‘Internet of value,’ or the Internet 2.0. Yet, precious few blockchain companies have delivered on that promise.

Elitium exists to change that.

We are striving to create value in everything we do: from creating a digital currency that users across the world can hold, spend, earn from or invest — to developing a platform that puts exclusive products and services in the palm of our user’s hands.

From creating simple staking mechanisms that reward people in a single click — to releasing a progressive FinTech platform that connects businesses and investors via digital share offerings. But what does this make Elitium? We can think of three ways to describe ourselves:

  • Elitium is a financial playground in which people can find the best way to enjoy their money;
  • Elitium is an ecosystem in which currency is earned, spent, and invested;
  • In many ways, Elitium is a full-circle economy, the likes of which the world is yet to see on the blockchain.

But that’s not to say this is where we started our journey. In fact, ours is an adventure that mimics many start-up stories. Elitium is the product of a founder tinkering with new solutions — and coming up with a vision.

‘Rent A Yacht Using Cryptocurrency’

When Elitium CEO Raoul Milhado first joined digital yacht charter Boatsters in September 2016, it wasn’t with the intention of bringing crypto to yachting. However, as crypto took off in early 2017, the opportunity was too ripe to miss.

And ever the ones for innovation, Boatsters welcomed the idea of letting clients pay with cryptocurrency to charter a yacht.

Raoul spearheaded the project. Ultimately, he launched a peer-to-peer crypto-wallet solution that accepted up to 60 different cryptos as payments — and the market welcomed the innovation.

Several companies asked to integrate the same solution into their own operations. At that moment, the penny dropped: with such demand on the table, perhaps it was time to bring digital currency into the mainstream.

The concept behind Elitium was born.

Discover value. Discover Elitium.

Since that day, Elitium has evolved from a pureplay luxury goods and services platform to an all-encompassing FinTech solution. And today, Elitium stands for so much more than cryptocurrency or blockchain.

The team is building products that will power a shifting economy, connecting the old world to the new. Digital solutions that solve problems related to currency, to finance, to how people enjoy their everyday lives.

Elitium comprises an ecosystem spanning alternative investments and digital luxuries. In the not-too-distant future, Elitium will alter the world’s expectations around what currency can do.


“Elitium stands for more than cryptocurrency or blockchain. We are building products that enable digital currency to power a shifting economy, connecting the old world to the new.

In doing so, we are unlocking a new paradigm of value for all.”

— Raoul Milhado, Elitium CEO


Discover value. Discover Elitium.