If You Value Quality, You’ll Value Elitium.

We recently wrote about our invite-only launch. But let’s get one thing straight.

The thinking behind the approach is not so that we can exclude anyone from the platform, far from it.

Rather, our focus on keeping the client-base small for the first few months is (1) to enable us to maintain a premium service. And (2) to help us develop the platform in such a way that it can be as inclusive as possible down the line.

But the only way to achieve both (1) and (2) is to reserve early-access to a specific type of investor, hence the more targeted approach.

And here are the long-term benefits the strategy will deliver.

4 Benefits To Expect From The Elitium Experience

Whether you’re first in the queue or have a little longer to wait, when your time comes to access the Elitium app, you can be sure you’ll get a premium service.

Here are just some of the benefits we’ll deliver:

  • Personalized Onboarding: 

Investing on the blockchain can be daunting. There’s a mountain of terminology to contend with. The technology can often seem tricky to use. And there’s rarely anyone around to help.

The Elitium App solves each of these concerns by avoiding jargon, ensuring our platform is easy to use, and offering a highly personalized onboarding experience that answers most of your queries up-front. 

We even include feature walkthroughs, alongside showing you how to send feedback, while if we miss a crucial point, you can always count on the…

  • Ongoing Support

You’re bound to have questions as you use the platform; many of them will need a quick answer. Live chat means on-demand support is always on-hand — while if you need highly personalized advice, a telephone hotline is only a click away.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

One of the primary reasons people choose not to invest in blockchain-based assets is because they worry that something will go wrong. 

We’re not here to tell you it won’t but, if it does, you will be insured if you use Elitium. We offer coverage through Nexus Mutual, Union, and inSure, keeping your funds safe in the event of a hack or smart contract failure.

You can read all about Elitium’s insurance coverage here.

  • Detailed Documentation

Every investor needs documentation, whether for managing tax affairs, tracking transactions, or keeping an offline record of accounts.

Elitium exists to satisfy investor needs, which is why we let clients download detailed information covering everything from transaction receipts to more detailed exports — and all these are available as CSVs or PDFs.

You won’t find this level of service on many crypto-centric platforms. Even traditional wealth management providers rarely match our offering.


Experience reliable crypto wealth management: see the investments we offer via the Elitium App preview.