Top 5 brands that already accept cryptocurrency payments

Invented in 2008 by an anonymous group of developers as a response to the world economy’s collapse, Bitcoin was aiming to give people an alternative means of payment. However, in its early years, it used to be a technological innovation used purely by geeks. For a new currency to gain mass adoption, people should understand how to use it in the first place.

Bitcoin has long surpassed its geeky status and is now being accepted by many real-world merchants in different regions as the general awareness keeps growing. In this article, we would like to list 5 well-known brands that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment along with traditional fiat currencies.


#1. Microsoft

One may be surprised to learn that one of the world’s most popular IT companies, known for its steady positions in traditional business, opened the doors for such a daring innovation. However, this is true and one can exchange bitcoins for some of its products.

The Bitcoin usage is pretty limited on the company’s website as you can only spend them in the Xbox store. The company has been accepting BTC since 2014 making a short pause in January 2018 due to high transaction fees.


#2. AT&T

One of the world’s biggest telephone communications providers AT&T issued a press release in May 2019 declaring the news. The conglomerate has made the new payment available to all its customers with the help of the service BitPay and now officially accepts bitcoins.


#3. Boatsters Black

This global yacht charter company started offering a crypto payment option to its luxury customers in June 2018. Apart from Bitcoin, the company gives the possibility to pay with more than 50 other altcoins including Ethereum and NEO.

The initiative proved to be successful. After the new payment option was implemented, the number of charter requests increased as the newly emerged crypto-millionaires were finally offered an option to use their digital savings in real life.


#4. Overstock

One of the biggest US retailers Overstock has always kept an eye on digital innovation. It was one of the first world brands to start accepting bitcoins as an official means of payment back in 2014 and it still gives such an option to its customers.

Apart from Bitcoin, Overstock also allows payments in Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and a few other major cryptocurrencies. Although transactions in BTC are final, the store offers a refund option.



Papa John’s pizza purchased for 10,000 bitcoins back in 2010 made many food services change their attitude towards the new payment option.

Takeaway, the European fast-food delivery company, joined the crypto frenzy in summer 2017. It operates across 11 countries including Germany and the Netherlands. The company’s website serves as a one-stop-shop for different restaurants as their clients can order hot-dogs and pizzas through a single gateway and pay with bitcoins.


This is just the beginning

Huge brands follow their customers’ demands and implement crypto payment options bringing Bitcoin mass adoption closer to reality. It’s only the question of time when cryptocurrencies will be accepted by all merchants worldwide. However, since these technologies are still pretty complicated for non-tech-savvy users, some sort of bridge is needed to facilitate the process.

Elitium plans to issue a cryptocurrency debit card that will make crypto payments available everywhere where card payments are accepted. Simply deposit your EUM to the card and use it like any other customary bank card.

As the card will be released soon, reserve a spot on our website and join the discussion in our Telegram community.