This Is Why Community Matters At Elitium.

As our community, you have always been front-and-center for Elitium. You’re who we are building our products for: so community always comes first.

Nothing illustrates this point better than what we’ve seen during the release of the Elitium App Preview. You see, product launches can be an anxious time for any business. Once out in the wild, it’s time to sit back and wait for the verdict.

But when you have a loyal following there to test a preview first, then offer candid feedback, you can approach a real launch date with confidence. That’s why community matters at Elitium.

And your feedback has given us the confidence to launch the Elitium app in Q1, 2021.

Community Focus Leads To Better Products

If you put community first, you should arrive at a product that’s not only as intuitive as possible.

But one that provides as much value as possible as well. This is made possible by a continuous feedback loop in which your loyal followers can tell you, as the product developer, both what’s good.

And what’s not. The loop worked perfectly in our recent app preview launch as you showed us how invested you are in our success by sharing your super thoughtful, super constructive suggestions.

But the benefits don’t end there. The best part is, when we come to launch the final app early next year, you’ll feel a sense of ownership over a product you’ve helped to create — meaning you’ll enjoy using it so much more.

(Note: for those yet to share feedback, there’s still time: you can do so right here.)

Better Products Mean More Value For All

As our product team nears the end of analyzing your comments, they’re finalizing how they will improve the app.

Next, they’ll start implementing your suggestions (which, by-the-by, primarily focus on the UX and UI). And the process will result in a more valuable product, meaning more people will ultimately use it, giving us more resources to invest in making it even better for you.

It’s a never-ending virtuous cycle. Which is ideal because we want Elitium to exist for 10, 50, 100 years. But the only way we can make that happen is if we put the community first.

With that in mind, we’re making a pledge.

If you ever have any feedback, wishes, or concerns: we’d love to hear from you on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.