The Secret to Adoption – Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

A common point of contention surrounding cryptocurrencies is the issue of adoption. After all, what use is a revolutionary new currency, if nobody will accept it?

Even Bitcoin, even after an entire decade of existence, still appears to struggle with this issue.

Cutting-edge technology? Great. A fully functional platform? Excellent. The greatest challenge, however, remains in getting people to spend and accept it.

This is yet another point where Elitium excels.

The project has pinpointed its niche, and has already onboarded several merchant partners within the luxury industry. By sowing seeds for adoption across the sector, the platform will have a substantial number of merchants prepared to accept the EUM coin.

Providing Value to Partners

Evidently, coin holders can’t be the only ones benefitting from partners entering the ecosystem. These partners also require an incentive to participate in the ecosystem.

In accordance with this, our partners will enjoy several advantages by becoming involved with Elitium.

Firstly, they will benefit from streamlining their processes and payments via smart-contracts. For many merchants, this will substantially cut down administration costs and flawlessly facilitate payments.

Secondly, partners will gain wider exposure to high-net-worth individuals via the Elitium network and cryptocurrency users in general.

Perks for Consumers

It’s clear to see how cryptocurrency users – especially EUM holders – will benefit from these partnerships.

As more partners join, coin holders will have further places and ways to spend their coins. Being hosted within a single luxury-focused app, these luxury customers will have an entire industry at their fingertips.

Like the partners, customers will also enjoy the benefits of smart-contract-compatibility in the form of less paperwork and administration.

Finally, rapid payments and low fees will ensure that they receive the best value and quickest service for their money.

Taking Over the Luxury Industry

Although Elitium already have several partnerships under their belt, they have no intentions on stopping here.

A vast majority of products and services in the luxury niche can still benefit strongly from a blockchain-enabled platform. What better way to do it, than plug-in to the Elitium network, already primed to cater to the luxury market?

We aim to continue to draw in the best of the best from the luxury world, under one roof. Keep your eyes peeled for more partnerships ahead!

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