The New Elitium App Preview Is LIVE!

The time has come. The new Elitium App Preview is here for you to see.

There’s plenty of work still to do. And we’re toiling away, day and night, to bring the fully functional Version 2.0 app your way.

But for the time being, we’re giving you access to a comprehensive clickable prototype, which will guide you through the core functionality. This way, you can experience the features first-hand, then share your thoughts on what we can improve.

Access the web app by clicking here. And when you’ve been through it all, don’t forget to send your thoughts our way.


What’s On Show In The Web App?

This is no ordinary prototype. 

It’s a fully functional web-app experience that includes all the core features you’ll get in the main app. The only thing that’s lacking: you won’t actually be able to manage your wealth… 

Well, not yet — but you will see features like:


An overview of your Elitium account for you to personalize: customize the widgets, rebalance your portfolio, and adjust what you need to get the app working just as you like it.


Check the funds in your wallets, then deposit or withdraw based on upcoming needs. You can also track your transaction history, save new payment methods, and manage balances of both Crypto and Fiat, with instant swaps between the two at no cost.


One screen for all your blockchain investments: open a position in EUM (staking), gold (PAXG), or Stable Savings (USDT); rebalance your portfolio as your risk profile evolves. You can even request a masternode — or buy digital shares in luxury real estate via Elitium Capital.

And if you need to catch up on Elitium’s native token performance, there’s an insights page with everything you need to know about EUM; it even lets you buy the coin straight from the dashboard.


Here’s the reason it’s taken time to issue the Elitium Card: we needed a way for you to manage your spending from your smartphone. 

Whether you choose a Black, Metal, or Diamond Card, the app will show you everything you’ve bought, alongside the rewards you’ve earned — either through cashback or on your idle EUM balance.

Refer & Earn

The existing dashboard lets users earn a 3.5% commission on EUM purchases made with a unique referral code. It’s proven popular, so we’ve ported the feature into the app. And you can use this screen not only to share your code.

You can see how many referrals have used it to buy EUM and, consequently, how much commission you’ve earned.


The basic, yet highly important, features: think managing personal data, tracking order history, updating notification settings, and enabling multi-factor authentication. You can also upgrade your KYC level, enabling higher transaction volumes.

Equally, if ever you want to delete your Elitium account, this is where you do it.


Here’s What To Do Now.

The preview app is hugely important for you and us.

It will help us get invaluable feedback on what you think of our creation, enabling us to make last-minute tweaks so that the app serves you perfectly.

So please — follow these three steps:

  1. Click here to access the app
  2. Familiarize yourself with the interface
  3. Submit feedback to the team

This is your chance to make your voice heard, now use it — click the link, access the preview using your email, then send your comments our way.