The Elitium App 2.0 Is (Almost) Here, But What Is It?

If you’re an existing Elitium client, you’ll have likely heard of the Elitium dashboard

Simply put, the dashboard is the existing gateway into the Elitium ecosystem — which makes it something like the Elitium App 1.0. But this version pales into insignificance when compared to what’s coming in V2.

So today, we thought we’d dive into the details of Elitium terminology to help you understand everything we’ve got in the pipeline.

The Elitium App 2.0 Is Our First Actual App

As you know, the Elitium dashboard is only available online. There is no app version on any operating system.

The Elitium App 2.0 changes that.

The upgrade will port all the existing dashboard functionalities (like staking, Refer & Earn, and EUM purchases) into an app that will work on iOS and Android — and the fact it’s an actual app persuaded us to move on from the dashboard name.

But as we said, you won’t lose functionality. Quite the opposite: you’re going to gain a lot, so let’s recap what to expect from the Elitium Roadmap and catch you up on some terminology as well.

  1. Elitium App – BETA Version: Before 2.0 goes live, we’re sharing a clickable prototype. Here, you’ll see all the functionalities to come, including Stable Savings, staking, and PAXG investments. Why release a BETA version first? To give you one final chance to offer feedback before we release 2.0.
  2. Elitium App 2.0: The dashboard ‘killer’ (or, rather, the dashboard 2.0 in app form) — this web-app will work on iOS and Android, giving clients a smarter way to manage their wealth both online and on their smartphone. Expect 3.4% APY on USD, EUR, or GBP savings; 1.2% from gold; up to 6.5% rewards from staking — and up to 25% rewards if you operate a masternode.
  3. Elitium Capital: This is the tokenization platform we’ll use to create digital shares in luxury real estate. And once the first project goes live, you’ll be able to buy shares in everything from upmarket New York hotels to luxury retreats in the Caribbean.
  4. Elitium Card: One of the more self-explanatory products, but that’s not to say it’s all obvious. Black and Metal Cards are crypto debit cards you can use to spend thirteen cryptocurrencies in over 46m stores worldwide. While the Diamond Card is the world’s first genuine crypto credit card, offering a $10,000 credit line, 1% cashback paid in gold, and up to 25% EUM rewards.
  5. Elitium App 3.0: This one you can probably guess — it will be the next version of the Elitium App, including card integrations, DeFi investments, the Elitium Suite, and the launch of AI-enabled smart assistant, VERA.

But much of the above is to come next year — while the next app release could land much sooner than you think.

A Recap Of The Elitium App 2.0

When the app arrives, it could change the face of wealth management — not just in crypto but more broadly speaking as well.

The latest version will open a single point of access to everything Elitium, bringing you all of our investment products whenever you like and wherever you are, hopefully establishing itself as the ultimate wealth management portfolio.

And to ensure a seamless user experience, we’ve partnered with a new KYC provider to streamline identity verification, so it shouldn’t take more than a moment for you to access your gold, stablecoin, staking, and masternode investments.

Prepare for a new era in wealth management: create an Elitium account today (note: all dashboard accounts will work in the Elitium App 2.0).