The Elitium Platform Is Open To The Public

Today marks a major milestone for anyone interested in growing their wealth on the blockchain.

The Elitium platform has just gone live for general use.

That means you can create an account today and start investing in DeFi, cryptocurrency, and NFTs — while all liquidity pools are open to everyone.

We’ve worked tirelessly for over two years to bring this platform to you. And we’re so proud of what we’ve created. That said, we know there’s always room for improvement. We’d love to hear your feedback once you start investing.

But for now — create an account, take a look around, and experience the future of wealth management.

Here’s what’s waiting for you.

Invest In DeFi, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs

The Elitium platform enables clients to invest in digital assets in a trusted, compliant, and secure way.

These are the assets currently on offer:

DeFi Savings Accounts

Decentralized finance (DeFi) lets platforms like Elitium create flexible financial services using smart contracts, effectively eliminating the need for traditional banks. 

Due to our lower cost base, we can offer yield on our DeFi savings accounts. And that means clients like you can invest in USD, EUR, GBP, and gold on the Elitium platform, earning up to 5% yield.


The Elitium platform uses a native currency called EUM. The cryptocurrency both settles in-platform transactions and powers two investment products, namely, Elitium staking and masternodes.

Staking lets clients support the Elitium network, earning up to 8.1% APY — while masternodes offer even more lucrative EUM rewards.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly become a popular digital asset in the crypto economy. And for a good reason.

If you buy the right NFT, it can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. And the Elitium NFT marketplace offers a range of NFTs from revered global artists, giving clients access to some of the best opportunities around today.

Shaping The Future of Wealth Management

The blockchain is transforming how finance works.

Established DeFi protocols have unlocked new ways to earn APY during an era of disappearing interest rates.

And the Elitium platform gives you a trusted, compliant, and secure way to invest in the very best digital assets. What we’ve built will change the shape of wealth management forever, resetting expectations around how money can work.

Join us as we enter a new era of Finance 3.0: start investing with Elitium today.