DeFi 101: What Is USDC?

USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin that’s fully backed by the U.S. dollar. The digital currency functions like a tokenised U.S. Dollar, with billions of USDC changing hands every day and users able to redeem each token on a 1:1 basis for actual U.S. Dollars.
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One shortcoming of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is they are …

New This Week: Sneak Peek at Elitium’s Latest Roadmap

Transparency sits at the core of Elitium’s DNA.

We do what we can to share as much information as possible. And now we have an updated roadmap, it’s only right we show you what’s ahead.

You should view this roadmap as a high-level overview, giving you an idea of the big picture items we’re working on …

DeFi DeBrief #2 | Interest rates trend up 🔺


Welcome to issue #2 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly rundown of the biggest news in DeFi.


Fed to keep raising interest rates
Mastercard and Binance launch crypto card
Tether shows assets exceed liabilities


Onwards 👇

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Interest rate hikes ahead 📈
The U.S. Federal Reserve once again suggested interest rates will rise until inflation …

DeFi 101: What Is A Stablecoin?

A stablecoin is a type of digital currency that pegs its value to a reserve asset (like the US Dollar, British Pound, or Euro). Stablecoins exist to help decentralised applications mitigate the volatility of unpegged cryptocurrencies.

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, he envisioned the cryptocurrency as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

His dream may yet come …

New This Week: Check Out Our New DeFi 101 Series This Wednesday

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is tricky to wrap your head around.

All this talk of stablecoins, liquidity pools, automated market makers: it’s enough to give anyone a headache.

So it’s little wonder most people avoid DeFi altogether. But it’s a shame that people do avoid it because by ignoring DeFi, you risk missing the chance of putting …

DeFi DeBrief #1 | The biggest event in crypto’s history? 🌐


Welcome to issue #1 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly rundown of the biggest news in DeFi.


Ethereum merge date confirmed
Curve website suffers major hack
Blackrock opens door to crypto






Many people see The Merge as one of the biggest events in crypto’s history. Around September 15th, …

New This Week: Watch Out For Our Revamped DeFi Newsletter

Keeping up with DeFi can feel impossible at times.

The regulatory discussion is gathering pace. Innovation has never slowed down. And on top of it all, you still have to manage your day-to-day.

That’s why we’re taking a new approach to the Elitium newsletter — sharing a concise yet informed rundown of the biggest DeFi news …


The market is in bad shape, but confidence is high here at Elitium. 

Our strategy has insulated us from much of the fallout. All the while, we’re moving forward and making great progress. That’s why we’ve decided to share weekly updates from now on — both here and on Twitter.

This way, you’ll get to read …

So You Want To Earn On Your Crypto? This Is Why You Should Consider Elitium.

Earning on crypto has become popular in the last two years. Platforms invite you to deposit your digital assets, and in return, they offer you very attractive APYs.

Platforms like Nexo have received particular attention by offering products that include crypto lending and borrowing, which are innovative ways for users to unlock liquidity from assets …