New This Week: Elitium Technology Will Power NFT BAZL In Dubai

If you didn’t already know, Elitium holds a major equity stake in the investment-grade NFT marketplace NFT BAZL.

But NFT BAZL is more than an NFT marketplace. The company works at the intersection of fine art and blockchain. And it’s combining an online presence with real-world events to onboard the next one hundred million users …

DeFi DeBrief #9: Regulation is here 👁

Welcome to issue #9 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


EU passes landmark crypto regulation bill
G20 working on cross-border regulations, too
SEC sets its sights on Bored Apes creator


Onwards 👇

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EU crypto regulation enters final phase 🇪🇺
The European Union has debated digital asset legislation …

DeFi 101: What Is Balancer?

Balancer is an automated market maker (AMM) that works like a decentralised index fund. Users can create liquidity pools with up to eight different tokens in any ratio. The Balancer crypto protocol then rebalances the pools, with fees going to liquidity providers.
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Last week, we wrote about Curve Finance. 

Curve Finance is one of the …

New This Week: Work Starts On NFT Farming iOS App

NFT farming will be a multi-platform experience.

You’ll be able to mint NFT farmers on several blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.

What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience on desktop and mobile. The team just kicked off development for an NFT farming iOS app, so within a few weeks, you could be …

DeFi DeBrief #8 | A SWIFT move for banks 🏦

Welcome to issue #8 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


A significant step towards institutional adoption
Facebook & Instagram give NFTs the green light
Crypto is hugely popular in sub-saharan Africa


Onwards 👇


SWIFT working with Chainlink on blockchain protocol 💰
SWIFT, the interbank messaging system that powers cross-border …

DeFi 101: What Is Curve Finance?

Curve Finance is a decentralised exchange (DEx) on Ethereum. It’s specifically designed for trading stablecoins (and other similarly behaving tokens, like wrapped bitcoin) and enables users to swap them with ultra-low slippage and ultra-low fees.

One of the great success stories of decentralised finance is the creation of automated market makers (AMM).

The term AMM is …

DeFi DeBrief #7 | Red notice 🚨


Welcome to issue #7 of the DeFi DeBrief, your weekly digest of the biggest news in DeFi.


Fed hikes rates ever higher
Stripe brings crypto payments to 4.4 bn workers
Interpol issues red notice for Terra Founder


Onwards 👇


Interest rates headed to the moon 🌕
Perhaps not a surprise, but still significant. Last week, the …

DeFi 101: What Is Aave?

Aave is a decentralised finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing protocol. The application lets people lend and borrow digital assets without using a central intermediary, enabling anyone to secure a loan or earn interest with little more than an internet connection.
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Stani Kulechov is an unlikely blockchain hero. In late 2017, he was still studying …

New This Week: NFT Farming Is Coming To Avalanche And Fantom

As we told you last week, “NFT farming is coming to Elitium!’

NFT farming is just yield farming in its simplest form. Buy an NFT, and our platform will harvest crypto rewards on your behalf.

We’ll share more details about the specific rewards soon. For now, just know that your NFT farmer will add your rewards …