Welcome To NFT BAZL: The New Way To Invest In Art

NFT BAZL is changing the art market. Thanks to this groundbreaking exhibition, there are now no barriers to investing in top-tier works.

Simply turn up at an event, swipe your phone over any masterpiece you like, confirm your payment details in the Elitium NFT marketplace — et voilà. The artwork is yours, ready for delivery …

The Elitium Platform Is Open To The Public

Today marks a major milestone for anyone interested in growing their wealth on the blockchain.

The Elitium platform has just gone live for general use.

That means you can create an account today and start investing in DeFi, cryptocurrency, and NFTs — while all liquidity pools are open to everyone.

We’ve worked tirelessly for over two years …

How Does Elitium Safeguard Client Funds?

Where money is concerned, you can never be too careful. That’s Elitium’s viewpoint, and you can see how it influences our security strategy.

Our team has spent four years creating one of the most robust setups in the industry. Which is why clients know their money is as safe with Elitium as it is in …

Fine Art Makes An Even Finer Modern Investment Strategy

There’s a reason the ultra-wealthy like to invest in fine art. 

Works by sought-after artists are, by definition, scarce. And scarcity makes them immensely valuable.

Moreover, multimillion-dollar artworks have a long-term correlation coefficient of just 0.12 with the S&P 500 Index, which is very low. And low correlation means art can help investors diversify traditional portfolios …

You Can Now Add Art To Your Investment Portfolio, Here’s How

The ultra-wealthy have long seen art as a cornerstone of their investment portfolio. But for most people, high-value artworks have long been out of reach.

Thanks to Elitium, that’s now changed.

The Elitium NFT marketplace means you can browse an extensive collection of original masterpieces before buying a digital or physical work in just a few …

Raoul Milhado To Speak At The Europe Disruptive Investments Summit

Global markets are in unknown territory. 

Negative interest rates and geopolitical risks are weighing on investors’ minds. While even fixed income, a once-safe haven asset class, has become a risk-on play.

Now, asset managers are looking for new sources of value. Naturally, alternative assets are on the menu, but one challenge is holding investors back.

A lack …

This Is Why We’re Limiting Access To The Elitium Platform

At Elitium, we want you to love everything about us. 

From the products we build to the events we run — right through to your interactions with our Client Support.

That’s why we decided to limit access to the Elitium Platform.

Because doing so gives us space to support each and every client in a personal way …

3 Ways You Can Reach The Elitium Client Services Team, 24 Hours A Day

When it comes to your money, you want to know it’s in safe hands. And should you have a question, you’ll want a quick response.

Elitium has one of the most robust security setups in the cryptocurrency space, meaning every client knows their money is secure. And our round-the-clock client services ensure that, if you …

Meet Onfido, The KYC Solution Making Onboarding Super Speedy

Identity checks are essential online. They protect users as much as companies. But the time they take can often be a source of frustration.

But thanks to our new KYC integration, prolonged checks will never be an issue at Elitium.

Onfido is the leading company for verifying real identity in a remote world, helping big brands …

NFT BAZL Marks The Start Of Elitium’s Charitable Ambitions, Here’s How.

When we started Elitium, we knew we wanted to build a charitable arm into the organization. But to be truly generous, you first have to find a degree of success.

As the company establishes itself, we feel more able to start giving back. Which is why we’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds from the …