Meet Onfido, The KYC Solution Making Onboarding Super Speedy

Identity checks are essential online. They protect users as much as companies. But the time they take can often be a source of frustration.

But thanks to our new KYC integration, prolonged checks will never be an issue at Elitium.

Onfido is the leading company for verifying real identity in a remote world, helping big brands …

NFT BAZL Marks The Start Of Elitium’s Charitable Ambitions, Here’s How.

When we started Elitium, we knew we wanted to build a charitable arm into the organization. But to be truly generous, you first have to find a degree of success.

As the company establishes itself, we feel more able to start giving back. Which is why we’ll be donating 10% of the proceeds from the …

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Coming To Miami. Here’s Your Chance To See Him.

As excitement builds for NFT BAZL, we’ve just received the biggest news yet. The team of the greatest boxers in history has confirmed they’ll offer up an exclusive NFT and access of auction at NFT BAZL.

— ‘What’s a boxer got to do with art?’ you ask.

Well, Mayweather Jr. is fighting YouTube sensation Logan Paul …

Guess What Firebeatz Is Doing For NFT BAZL?

There’s a wave of excitement rippling through Elitium. The kind of energy you feel when something extraordinary is about to happen.

With NFT BAZL a few days away, we’ve just confirmed another world-first: Electro duo Firebeatz is not only producing an original house track for the event. They will publish it as an NFT in …

NFT BAZL Is Coming To Decentraland. We’ll See You There, Right?

Some huge news just dropped for NFT BAZL.

Decentraland has just confirmed it will host our groundbreaking exhibition in its decentralized virtual world.

That means thousands more guests and investors can join us at the event and then bid on the unique artwork using the Elitium NFT marketplace. The news demonstrates the power of the blockchain, …

Firebeatz To Take The (Virtual) Stage At NFT BAZL

Even though coronavirus continues to hamper global travel, we were never going to let a pandemic dampen the atmosphere at NFT BAZL.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Firebeatz will grace us with their virtual presence at the historic event. The Dutch electro duo will play a live 45-minute live set, beamed directly …

NFT BAZL Will Make History.

NFT BAZL will be the first exhibition to bridge the gap between physical and digital art. 

That means the event will go down in history. And it’s also likely to alter the way the world values NFTs.

If you want to be a part of this historical occasion, you can secure one of a limited batch …

You Can Get Up To 7% EUM Rewards On BitMart, Here’s How

If you like to keep your cryptocurrency on an exchange, this post is for you. It details how you can hodl your EUM on BitMart, get up to 7% EUM staking rewards, and still trade as often as you want.

That’s the best of both worlds for hodlers and traders — here’s how to stake …

Your EUM Staking Rewards Have Been Distributed

We are pleased to announce that all staking rewards have successfully been distributed for this month.

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Users are rewarded for simply depositing and holding funds. At Elitium, we made it as simple as it should be.

Earn …