Independence, Value, Growth: That’s Our Vision, But What Do The Terms Mean?

At Elitium, we’re striving to build a network of progressive entrepreneurs and devise a new model for finance. Because, in doing so, we believe we can create a world in which value investors can grow wealth and have a global impact as one.

We’re doing this by bridging traditional finance and the blockchain, connecting wealth creators and thought leaders to establish a meaningful dialogue, empower new relationships, and ultimately harness affluence and technology to transform fortunes worldwide.

That’s the long version, anyway — but as you’ll see from our website, we often characterize this vision with three terms: independence, value, and growth.

Today, we’re going to share exactly what we mean by them.

Independence. Value. Growth.

Independence, value, and growth will mean different things to different people. At Elitium, here’s what the words mean to us:


When we speak of independence, we speak of taking control of our destinies. We want to actively seek positive change in the world in place of letting others determine our path by simply accepting the status quo.


As central banks print money to create value from thin air, we’re striving to create value another way: by bringing equality (both financial and societal) to the world, powered by kindness, compassion, and respect.


There are many ways a person can grow. Financial growth is important for stability. But so is personal, spiritual, and wellness-related growth. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to something specific. 

We help people access the resources they need to get to where they want to go.

* * *

Those are the three core values at Elitium. But they’re not the only ones we follow. Here’s an insight into the other guiding principles we keep in mind:

  • Unity: Collaboration trumps division. If we can help people work together, we can create abundance for all.
  • Simplicity: Technology is complex, but your experience of it shouldn’t be. Everyone should feel comfortable using whatever we build.
  • Integrity: We never promise what we cannot deliver. We focus on the long term, knowing this strategy positions us to create value for more people.
  • Transparency: We never hide anything — because we don’t need to. Every action we take is taken with the client’s best interests at heart.

And we’re building on this vision every day. If you’d like to learn more about our ethos, feel free to check out the latest updates to the website.