If You’re Worried That Cryptocurrency is Risky, Our Insurance Has You Covered.

There’s a common concern that keeps many investors out of cryptocurrency. And the sentiment isn’t without merit.

The media likes to report on hacks, glitches, and other goings-on that cause people to lose money. And these stories put people off investing in crypto for good. However, as the sector has evolved, so have the protections offered to investors. 

Ad now platforms can actively ensure that no technical problem or criminal act ever puts client funds at risk. 

Platforms ‘can’… but that’s not to say every platform does. That said, Elitium has built three distinct insurance protocols into our wealth management platform, meaning client funds remain protected at all times.

Here’s how each one works.

Our Matrix of Insurance Coverage

No matter what anyone says, the blockchain is not without its risks. 

That’s why it always helps to have several layers of security, including insurance. And that’s why Elitium has taken out three separate insurance policies.

  • Nexus Mutual

The first is from Nexus Mutual. And the policy covers client funds against different types of smart contract failure, the likes of which you may have read about here or here.

As the name suggests, Nexus is a mutual fund. Members run it, decide which claims are valid, then use Ethereum-based smart contracts to record and enforce decisions. A native token eliminates the need for a third party, meaning quicker settlements based on publicly available data.

And if Elitium suffers a hack, Nexus Mutual can reinstate your funds.

  • InSure

InSure offers a distinctly different type of coverage. This policy’s focus is on portfolio stability.

That means that if you lose your funds to a scam, if a cybercriminal manages to steal them, or if another illicit activity causes a drastic devaluation of your portfolio, you have recourse for action.

Suppose a specific event was to undermine one of your investments: the Sure ERC-20 token gives you a fallback, insulating your portfolio against volatility.

  • Union Insurance

The final crypto insurance policy is from Union. It comprises full-stack protection to reduce the costs and risks of DeFi.

Elitium buys Union coverage on the client’s behalf so that you don’t need to worry about layer-1 risks, smart contract exposure, or transaction completion failures — because we’ve got you covered.

By adding Union to our insurance mix, we can confidently say that we protect your funds from the most significant threats.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Our Top Priority

As crypto investors ourselves, our team fully understands any trepidation you have regarding putting your money into something new.

But we’ve worked hard to create a safety net for funds — and continue to do so — ensuring that if something does go wrong, our clients won’t be the ones to suffer. And we hope our efforts give you the peace of mind you crave.

Because trust us: your funds are safe. And we have plenty of other security measures in place to ease your mind further.