Meet Onfido, The KYC Solution Making Onboarding Super Speedy

Identity checks are essential online. They protect users as much as companies. But the time they take can often be a source of frustration.

But thanks to our new KYC integration, prolonged checks will never be an issue at Elitium.

Onfido is the leading company for verifying real identity in a remote world, helping big brands like Revolut, Bitstamp, and Elitium, see who’s behind the screen, using a world-class AI solution backed by identity experts.

This integration is a game-changer. Here’s what Onfido means for you.

How Onfido Speeds Up Identity Checks 

Using Onfido, we can help you prove your identity, wherever you are, with nothing more than your ID and your face.

All you’ll need to do is take a photo, upload it as part of the Elitium application process, and you’ll be seconds away from investing in digital assets: no 24-hour waits, no complicated requirements.

Just one document, one selfie, and you’re off. 

The reason we love Onfido (and thousands of other tech-enabled businesses love them, too) is that their innovative platform lets us preserve the highest quality standards without ever impacting your experience.

In doing so, our clients can have peace of mind knowing all our clients are verified — and our platform will always remain secure.


Experience the world-class KYC solution in action: apply to Elitium today.