Meet Elitium’s Latest Strategic Partner

Elitium has spent over three years building value. Today, we have a portfolio of wealth management products that a broad audience can use. And it’s attracting interest from many quarters.

So we opened conversations with several firms to discuss how a strategic partnership could bring even more value to the table. And we’re delighted to announce we’re now working with one of the most active venture firms in the blockchain space.

They typically operate behind the scenes, so you may not know much about them. Let’s fix that: we’re pleased to introduce you to GDA Capital.

Otherwise known as — Elitium’s latest strategic partner.

GDA Capital Is Pleased To Meet You.

GDA Capital is the GDA Group’s capital markets arm.

The financial institution provides merchant banking services to financial technology, blockchain, digital asset, and other disruptive technology businesses — with:

  • Head offices in Toronto and New York City
  • Experience spanning the entire blockchain industry
  • A background leading million-dollar marketing campaigns
  • Over $5 billion of asset placements under its belt
  • Over $1 billion in OTC transactions completed

GDA Capital connects financial institutions with the blockchain. 

And the company’s experienced team has a world-leading track record of executing projects for Fortune 500 companies and governments — alongside digital asset offerings, making them the perfect strategic fit for Elitium.

What The Partnership Means For Elitium — And You.

The partnership is a landmark moment. 

GDA Capital supports ventures from the incubation phase right through to liquidity. And their commitment means we have more resources to grow Elitium at an even swifter pace.

If you’d like proof of what we mean, look no further than the company’s history. The team has worked with several prominent blockchain companies, including the likes of Tron. And they have a proven model for taking emerging cryptocurrencies mainstream.

They’ve now seen the potential of EUM. And we’re working together to realize the opportunity. Crucially, the news is not only exciting for us. It could bring significant value to anyone who’s part of the Elitium journey. 

Here’s how we plan to leverage the tie-up in the coming months:

  • Add human resources, grow our network, and deepen our industry expertise
  • Access a broad family office network and speak at industry events
  • Focus on expanding in North America and Canada
  • Build relationships with the world’s leading crypto exchanges

If you thought our plans were ambitious before the partnership, they’ve now multiplied. As we develop our offering, add more capital partners, and list on global exchanges, momentum will grow ten-fold.

Today’s announcement marks a meaningful milestone in turning the Elitium vision into a reality.

We’re delighted to welcome you onboard, GDA Capital.