Masternode Performance Case Study: How An Elitium Investor Enjoyed Over 101% Estimated Annual Yield

When you read about the benefits of a product, everything can feel a little intangible

You can see the possibilities… but it’s hard to get excited in the absence of concrete data. Now, thanks to one Elitium masternode operator, that’s all about to change. 

He’s given us a behind-the-scenes look at his Elitium dashboard so that potential investors like you can see what it’s like to run a masternode. Better than that: he’s letting you in on the APY his masternode has generated.

To say the numbers are impressive is an understatement — but before we get to those details, let’s tackle a few basic questions.

What Is A Masternode?

A masternode is a dedicated, secure server that acts as a trusted third-party within a blockchain network.

Each masternode plays two distinct roles: on the one hand, enhancing security, and on the other, providing independent governance on the blockchain. 

A masternode also hosts a full copy of the blockchain in real-time, alongside a full copy of the ledger, allowing the masternode to feed a secondary-level of services over the network — alongside facilitating more advanced functions.

What Are The Benefits Of A Masternode?

To become a trusted third-party on a blockchain network, masternode operators have to set aside a cryptocurrency deposit, called ‘collateral.’

While this in itself isn’t a benefit, it leads to several big positives.

First up, it enables the operator to contribute to securing the blockchain. At the same time, the locked collateral helps stabilizes the price of the underlying cryptocurrency.

What’s most attractive, compared to other cryptos, is that the Elitium masternodes are limited in number due to their singularity, making them exclusive. Elitium has designed an economic system that has a limited amount of masternodes available to ensure the ROI of each node stays consistent.

And their highly specific, invaluable features mean masternode operators receive exceptionally generous rewards, which stem directly from the collateral. Put another way: your upfront EUM investment will generate up to 25% rewards per year for as long as you operate your masternode.

It’s also important to note that when you stop operating your masternode, you get back your deposit, so if the price of EUM has gone up in the last twelve months, so has the value of both your rewards and your original investment.

But as we said at the start: enough of the intangibles — let’s look at some real numbers behind an active masternode.

How The Investor Generated 101.24% Estimated Annual Yield Within 6 Months

For the sake of identity protection, we’ll refer to the investor as Gregory Smith.

Now, back on May 1st, 2020 (just over six months ago), Mr. Smith invested the equivalent of $90,000 in an Elitium masternode.

His 25% rewards have returned to him an average payout of 2,015 EUM every month, which means that he’s received an extra 12,090 EUM in return for supporting our network in a little over six months.

— And today (drumroll, please), his masternode investment is worth $128,000.

In part, the value reflects the price increases of EUM. And the performance is equivalent to an Estimated Annual Yield of 101.24%.

‘Mr. Smiths’ Personal Masternode Performance Report

By anyone’s count, these figures are incredible. Gregory is certainly smiling. And we hope you are too because there are still a limited number of masternodes available to operate — but you must act fast.

Secure your masternode today: hit the green button at the end of this page to get in touch with the Elitium Partnerships team.