Elitium Is This The New Normal In Luxury

Is This The New Normal In Luxury?

The Elitium founders have spent decades working in the luxury sector. 

Yet in that time, not much has changed. In fact, there’s only ever been one kind of normal — but not for much longer.

The Elitium app offers a gateway into everything Elitium. That is, it’s a window into a new world of luxury that not only lets people browse and book money-can’t-buy experiences. It opens the door to a range of alternative investment opportunities.

The Elitium app redefines the luxury experience. It’s setting a new normal in a space that isn’t known for technological innovation.

A Gateway Into ‘Everything Elitium’

So… what does ‘everything Elitium’ mean?

In essence, it means that you can pull any smartphone out your pocket, open a single app (on either an iOS or Android device), and suddenly have unlimited opportunity at your fingertips.

Browse The Elitium Suite

You can access the curated marketplace that is the ‘Elitium Suite’ and book unique experiences or buy one-of-a-kind products in just a few clicks. 

In seconds, you could be preparing for a ski trip in the Himalayas or waiting for a consignment of rare vintage wines — whatever your request, you can likely find it in your personal Elitium Suite.

Manage your balances

Everyone wants access to their money on the move. The Elitium app makes that happen. You can purchase EUM directly in the app with Fiat or other Cryptocurrencies, then use the funds to buy whatever you want, wherever you are.

If you’ve been using your Elitium Card, you can check what you’ve spent — alongside the rewards you’ve earned — and if you’ve got a few EUM left over, why not start staking right inside your wallet?

Chat to Vera

You met Vera last week. The Elitium app is where you can chat with her. It includes a wide array of support functionalities, each backed up by our one-and-only smart-bot.

Vera’s there to help you make or update bookings, request bespoke concierge services, respond to queries about products and services, or simply lend a hand as you go about your day-to-day.

Personalize your account

Finally, if you want to tweak what you see across the Elitium ecosystem, you can edit your account preferences right in the app. 

From your personal information to your preferred Fiat currency: what you see is entirely your choice. You can even upgrade to advanced membership tiers for enhanced features and secret experiences.

In terms of security, we recommend that everyone enables two-factor authentication — you can do that in the app too.



Ultimately, our mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to all. The app brings the Elitium experience to all corners of the globe. In doing so, we hope to make luxury the new normal for everyone.

Take the app for a test spin: see the prototype here.