Elitium Business

Is This The Future Of Business?

The blockchain revolution never quite arrived. At least, it hasn’t yet.

In 2017, companies promised overhauls of nearly every industry, all thanks to this ‘groundbreaking’ technology. Promises spiked the market before everything came tumbling back to earth. Now, people’s confidence has been shaken.

At Elitium, we still firmly believe the blockchain can have a profound impact on every business. But it will require lots more collaboration, deep-thinking, and creative applications of technology to turn this belief into a reality.

This is precisely why we started the consultancy arm of Elitium. Or, as we like to call it — Elitium Business.

Helping Business Make Sense of the Blockchain

Elitium Business is a specialist advisory service for firms interested in blockchain technology. It involves our founding team and our technology partners sharing what they know, what they’ve learned, and what they’ve built over the last four years.

Elitium Business includes a Blockchain-as-a-Service offering: this is a turnkey solution for any business looking to integrate Elitium products directly into their own platform — which could mean:

  • A retail bank looking to offer clients alternative investment products
  • A real estate developer wanting an innovative way to market a new project
  • A hotel operator trying to streamline a booking and payment process

But what are the actual services on offer? Well, that depends on the precise needs of each prospective partner.


“At its heart, Elitium Business is about uniting companies around a common goal: to redefine the working practices of the future.”


Business development

If a company is hoping to diversify its operations, Elitium Business can analyze existing workflows to see if blockchain technology could enhance an offering. This may lead to new product opportunities or potential partnerships: it all depends on what our preliminary insights show up.


Elitium Business works with a technology partner called Syncrasy: a blockchain specialist with over 150+ experienced developers, ready-and-waiting to support our clients. If a client wants to focus on technology upgrades, we can see how our BaaS solution could improve data security. Or if artificial intelligence could help automate data processing.


Elitium offers more than technical expertise. Our founders have decades of experience in luxury, hospitality, and finance, creating a potent marketing force. Any client can access this wealth of knowledge instantly and use it to enhance upcoming marketing campaigns.

3 Reasons To Partner With Elitium Business

Let’s cut to the chase.

There’s only one real reason: Elitium Business follows a tried-and-tested process that’s proven to get results. 

We analyze business models, workflows, and marketing. Then, we plot the best course of action to deliver the most potent outcomes. Typically, we hit markers related to one, two, or all three of the following KPIs:


  • Release time: Technology is all about efficiency. We help businesses unleash efficiency using a blend of the blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence, which releases time through streamlined processes.
  • Maximize profit: Better ways of working will boost your bottom line. We help companies spend less on salaries and operating costs, all-the-while increasing revenues via innovative online marketing strategies.
  • Spearhead a revolution: Partnership enables an outcome with a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Elitium Business brings together ambitious partners from across industries and the globe to make an outsized impact — spearheading a revolution in business.


…because at its heart, Elitium Business is about uniting companies around a common goal: to redefine the working practices of the future.

If you’re ready for the challenge, get in touch with Elitium Business today.