Insight: How To Invest Using The Elitium App?

We’ve run you through the Elitium app preview several times in recent months. As the New Year rolls around, it’s time to dive into specific pages.

Today, we’re here to review the ‘Invest’ page. In the following blog, we’ll show you what the page looks like, how each feature works — and what you can do to make the app as easy as possible to use.

Let’s get stuck in.

Deep-Dive: Elitium App — ‘Invest’ Page

Here’s a rundown of the core features you’ll find on the Elitium app ‘Invest’ page

Investment Balance

When you land on the page, the first thing you’ll notice is your investment balance. This section shows you the value of your portfolio, covering your:

  • Current balance
  • Portfolio growth to-date 
  • Projected annual yield

Here, each fund allocation shows as a percentage (i.e., how much of your portfolio you’ve invested in each asset), with individual figures detailing the actual value of the investment in question. 

As for the animated Elitium logo: all this shows is that the data is current with all values synchronized with live data feeds

Market Data

If you need to access current market data before making an investment decision, a widget displays the latest stats pulled directly from Coinmarketcap.

The live feed includes historical and actual pricing information — alongside trading volume across partner exchanges, our market capitalization, and our ranking out of 8,000+ existing cryptocurrencies (238th at the time of writing).

Settings & Widgets

Beyond investment-related information, you can access ‘Settings’ to enable recurring investments (say, investing a fixed monthly amount into your allocated portfolio or re-investing your returns). 

Then two widgets take you to other core investment features: either check digital share investments in luxury real estate via Elitium Capital — or request to operate an Elitium masternode for up to 25% annual EUM rewards.

Beyond Investments

The Elitium wealth management app offers more than investments. 

As you’ll see in the sidebar, you can access the Elitium Suite and book once-in-a-lifetime experiences; or request an Elitium Crypto Card and spend thirteen cryptocurrencies in over forty-six million stores worldwide – all while earning your cashback in Gold! Use the Stable Savings Account to earn up to 3.4% interest per year on your USD or EUR or GBP funds

You can also return to the central dashboard for a portfolio overview, check your current balances, and update your personal details via a comprehensive ‘Settings’ page.

Level-up your investment strategy: create an Elitium account today.