How Does Elitium Safeguard Client Funds?

Where money is concerned, you can never be too careful. That’s Elitium’s viewpoint, and you can see how it influences our security strategy.

Our team has spent four years creating one of the most robust setups in the industry. Which is why clients know their money is as safe with Elitium as it is in any bank.

Here are three ways we safeguard your funds:

1) Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

First up, we cover funds with not one, not two, but three insurance policies. Why three? 

Because no provider covers all the risks associated with crypto. But by taking out policies with inSure, Union, and Nexus Mutual, we can cover everything from smart contract failures to price manipulation and more.

2) Ultra-secure Custody

While insurance gives a valuable backup, nothing beats upfront security. That’s why we work with AMDAX Group: the Netherlands’ first crypto asset manager registered with the Dutch Central Bank.

By working with AMDAX, we can ensure client funds sit in a highly regulated, highly sophisticated cold storage vault.

3) In-house Expertise

And we don’t just rely on third parties to provide security.

Elitium CTO Jean-Pierre Morand has worked in cybersecurity since 1997. And he’s spent four years building a dedicated security infrastructure.

He’s even created in-house smart contracts to protect client liquidity pools when locking funds into DeFi smart contracts, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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