Elitium Money Earning

How Can You Earn With Elitium?

The Elitium Digital Economy revolves around four pillars.

Each demonstrates what you, as a user, can do in the ecosystem. And together, they make Elitium a compelling proposition for anyone interested in digital currencies.

These four pillars are:

  • Stake
  • Spend 
  • Trade
  • Invest

Now, pillars two, three, and four are integral to the Digital Economy — but for this article, we’ll focus squarely on pillar one: it’s here that you can grow your balance of our luxury cryptocurrency in a matter of clicks.

Then, if you choose, you can use your rewards to spend, trade, or invest.

Get Rewards With The Elitium Staking Program

Every economy needs a way to generate value. The Elitium Staking Program is one mechanism we use.

Elitium staking lets people who hold EUM get up to 6.5% annual rewards in return for supporting the operations of our blockchain network. And it’s super easy to start staking — just check the process below:

  1. Create an Elitium account
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Buy EUM using your credit card
  4. Check the box to start staking

If you already have an account, you just need to buy EUM (either in the dashboard with your credit card or on a partner exchange), send EUM to your wallet, and start staking in one click.

Once you’re staking, you’ll get up to 6.5% annual rewards sent to your wallet monthly.

Two More Ways To Stake EUM

We realize that not everyone will want to stake EUM with Elitium. But you may still want to stake the world’s number-one luxury cryptocurrency. So, we’ve partnered with two other leading crypto-brands to make staking accessible to all:


  • BitMart: if you’re a trader, you can stake EUM in your BitMart wallet — this way you get up to 6.5% rewards while still being able to trade whenever you want
  • CoolWallet: if you’re a long-term hodler, CoolWallet could be for you — it’s the most secure hardware wallet on iOS or Android, meaning you can stake EUM while enjoying the highest grade of cold-storage security


Whichever path you choose, you will get EUM rewards thanks to the world’s simplest staking program — with no lock-up and no minimum staking amount.

Supersize The Rewards With An Elitium Masternode

For investors with deeper pockets (or those looking for higher rewards), an Elitium masternode could be the place to start.

Masternodes are just another way to stake. But you have to stake 100,000 EUM upfront to earn the right to operate one of only 18 masternodes. If you do, Elitium offers up to 25% annual rewards against your staked amount.

That means:

  • 100K EUM invested upfront
  • Average of 480 EUM per week
  • Average of 2,080 EUM per month
  • Up to 25,000 EUM per year

Masternode operators get weekly rewards. And you’re free to compound them via the Elitium staking program, spend them using your Masternode Diamond Card, or sell them at a partner exchange.

And remember: if the price of EUM goes up, so will the value of your rewards.

We Can Grow Together

Even if staking isn’t for you, there are other ways you can earn.

The Growth Program rewards users for being an active part of our community. Spread positive vibes, and we’ll share generous rewards. We’ve set aside a pool of 1,000,000 EUM, which you can earn by:

  • Writing articles related to Elitium
  • Sharing articles with your network
  • Creating related Facebook groups
  • Participating in market-making
  • Helping to grow our business

Or you can take on a more official role as an Elitium Ambassador — and get an exclusive referral code that rewards you with extra commissions on referral’s EUM purchases.

Even if you’re not an ambassador, you can still get 3% commissions via ‘Refer & Earn.’ 

All you need is an Elitium account.

Start getting rewards today: create an Elitium account to stake EUM.