Announcement: We’re In The Final Stages Of Security Testing

— ‘How secure is Elitium?’

This is a question nearly every investor asks. As investors ourselves, we’d ask the same, given that we’re talking about managing vast sums of money. 

But rather than tell you our crypto wealth management platform is secure, we thought we’d show you. Why now? Because we’re in the final stages of security testing our platform architecture.

If you want the details, read on.

What Makes Elitium Secure?

Elitium considers security as the number one priority. With that in mind, we’ve got a host of robust features in place. We’re testing and optimizing each of the frameworks as we speak — so while we do, let’s introduce you to each one:

Independent Smart Contracts

Elitium uses a suite of in-house smart contracts to lock assets in DeFi pools. Developing them in-house means we don’t rely on a third party, like Compound, to keep client funds safe. And we can offer superior protection against smart contract failures, hacks, or price manipulation.

Custody and Insurance

We’re also close to launching integrations with AMDAX and a select group of smart contract insurance providers (including Nexus Mutual, Union, and inSure). These integrations guarantee client funds not only pass through a regulated custodian. 

Your balance is covered by several insurance policies as well. No other crypto wealth management platform offers this level of protection.

Cold Wallet Infrastructure

Elitium’s cold wallet infrastructure is state-of-the-art, meaning client funds sit in some of the most secure cold storage solutions in the industry. No matter how you use Elitium, your money will be as safe as it is in any bank.

Adding Second-layer Security

Elitium doesn’t rely on these solutions alone. 

  • Where appropriate, we integrate third-party software (but we only ever choose those with proven models backed by industry experience);
  • We’ve created an infrastructure that reduces the risk of fake stake attacks;
  • We focus on exchanges with a strict KYC policy, ensuring scammers can’t profit off our clients;
  • We give clients the option to add security layers (including 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and address whitelists). 

An internal admin rights policy also restricts access to sensitive data. 

While if you ever have a concern, an all-hours telephone hotline means a Client Services agent is always within reach.

Join the queue for smarter wealth management: contact the team to get on the waiting list.