Elitium’s Lifestyle App is Taking Luxury Experiences to the Next Level

Many projects undermine blockchain technology. Generic propositions fail to satisfy real-world needs. Unfulfilled promises only frustrate investors. Even groundbreaking innovations become a hurdle—as products arrive too early into markets that are just not ready to use them.

However, in one corner of Europe, government and business have combined to scale a proven idea into a sector that’s ready-and-waiting.

A New Age of Wealth Seeks a Fresh Approach to Luxury

In 2017, Bitcoin alone generated $85 billion for investors, minting thousands of fresh-faced millionaires literally overnight. However, despite holding millions in digital currency, this new breed of consumer was left out in the cold—with few actual means to use their coins.

Spotting an opportunity, top-end yacht rental platform Boatsters devised a shrewd solution: a wallet-to-wallet transaction service that would open the door to the crypto-wealthy, enabling people to spend any one of the top 60 cryptocurrencies.

Through introducing the industry to a new line of well-heeled consumer, the product took off. The pioneering payment service triggered interest from a variety of other high-end service providers, such as private jet charters and luxury resorts. Even brands were requesting access to this high-impact payment solution.

One thing was clear: an integrated approach servicing the entire luxury sector was lacking, but there would be no efficiencies in creating a bespoke system for each operator.

So, Boatsters broadened their vision to create the Elitium Network: an exclusive marketplace powered by blockchain technology with the potential to redefine an entire sector.

The Elitium App: The Future of Luxury Living?

Visions of luxury are underpinned by simplicity—for many, this is the cornerstone of absolute opulence. As such, through its single overarching application, Elitium hopes to develop the ultimate in simplified luxury experiences.

The Elitium Network is a cross-device platform in which luxury brands and consumers connect; the ultimate ambition being that every luxury brand in the world joins the all-inclusive ecosystem, giving users on-demand access to their brands-of-choice.

The application’s capabilities stretch across:

  • Low-cost international payments and transactions
  • On-demand concierge powered by sophisticated AI
  • Exclusive membership perks

It’s a standalone, highly-secure offering that can satisfy the desires of high-end consumers, even the most eccentric of demands.

In fact, it’s entirely possible that this seamless service will revolutionize luxury lifestyles thanks to a comprehensive partner network which ensures a luxury yacht, a private jet, a one-of-a-kind artwork are only a screen-tap away.

Blockchain Enables the Elitium Experience

Typically, luxury requires effort: cross-border payments, customer request tracking, contractual obligations, excessive documentation—and that’s just to rent a yacht. Every service has its own high-touch tasks, which is hardly ideal in a fast-paced world and a far cry from the desired simplicity, not to mention both time-consuming and costly.

Blockchain technology, on the contrary, allows Elitium to automate outdated business processes.


Moreover, the collaboration enables the seamless customer experience.

Rather than relying on individual platforms and incurring unnecessary fees, Elitium users can access a multitude of brands and services via a single, integrated application that covers:

  • Yacht, private jet & helicopter charters
  • Luxury hotels & resorts
  • Premium cars & private chauffeur services
  • Exclusive festivals & members-only events
  • Private security & protection
  • Private chefs, butlers & personal staff
  • Luxury real estate
  • Designer fashion & jewelry

Elitium members use Elitium’s native coin – EUM – to purchase directly through the platform. As the network converts the required amount of Fiat currency into EUM only at the point of purchase, users benefit from the transparency of the exact value of the transaction.

All-the-while enjoying the security, anonymity, and low cost of blockchain technology.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

With so many options on the table, consumers will want support.

Elitium aims to maximize the customer experience by coupling real-life customer and concierge services with AI-enhanced technology. This approach allows the all-inclusive application to achieve new heights of luxury service through instant communication, personalized experiences, and on-demand services.

Alongside integrations with Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice; your AI assistants should never fall short of expectations.

A Day in the Elitium Member Network

Imagine. It’s a Saturday morning, early.

As the sun edges over the horizon, you reflect: today is a day for the ocean. You reach for your phone, tap in the request and, confirmed by your AI-assistant, a luxury yacht awaits. A chauffeur-driven SUV pulls up, it’s off to the marina.

Champagne on ice, a one-off artwork arrives, hand-delivered, a special gift to a loved one. Then, it’s out to the ocean, your day is made. But what of the evening? You moor up in a discrete cove for tonight’s event: an Elitium Network exclusive where brand partners display bespoke offerings—it’s member’s eyes only.

Simplified opulence, delivered courtesy of a standalone app.

This is the Elitium Luxury Lifestyle.

Elitium provides a luxury lifestyle platform for an exclusive clientele using a sustainable cryptocurrency solution. To learn more about the Elitium Network – including the pioneering Elitium-i insurance – check out their website here.