ELITIUM | The Platform to Supercharge Luxury Living

With histories rooted in yachting, it was little surprise when Nick Gelevert and Raoul Milhado joined forces. The enterprising duo spotted an inefficiency in the industry – marinas lying full of beautiful yachts, even during the summer months – so in 2015, they founded digital yacht charterers Boatsters.

The platform was an immediate success, attracting 12,000 owners in 63 countries to list their vessels, and Boatsters opened offices in Mallorca, Miami, and Amsterdam. Yet, few would have anticipated what was to come.

A chance business meeting between Raoul and blockchain specialist Jean-Pierre Morand sparked an idea: as pioneers of technology and recognizing a trend in cryptocurrency, perhaps Boatsters should create the first wallet-to-wallet cryptocurrency payment solution?

After all, there were already thousands of wealthy cryptocurrency holders. There was limited opportunity to use the coins. So, in early 2018, Boatsters launched a solution enabling yacht owners and renters to transact directly in any one of 60 coins ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to NEO, ZCoin, and Pivx.

The cryptocurrency market duly exploded, needless to say: the solution took off.

Boatsters enjoyed an impressive 500% year-on-year growth but, more importantly, the success sparked a bigger idea.

If yacht chartering needed a blockchain solution, surely the luxury industry did too?

Bringing forth the concept of Elitium.

From early 2018, a cohort of highly-skilled professionals with extensive expertise in luxury services, digital, and blockchain technology have worked tirelessly to create the ultimate in luxury lifestyle concepts.

The ambition? To use smart contract and blockchain protocols to remove the inefficiencies of luxury experiences. The journey has not been smooth, but tackling such vast problems with groundbreaking technology rarely is. One example: 18-months intensive research leading to the recent pivot from Rootstock onto the EOS platform – to leverage the established scalability, security, and stability of a Top 5 Coin.

The effort has been more than worth it. Elitium is now on the path to reimagining luxury, precisely as it should be.

Simplified, streamlined indulgence:

  • A comprehensive, frictionless luxury lifestyle mobile application
  • A global network of top-end luxury brands at your fingertips
  • All underpinned by the efficiencies and security of blockchain technology

The team promises to remove the transaction costs, paperwork, and security concerns that often impact the luxury experience. If it succeeds, Elitium will transform luxury lifestyles in a revolution that will surpass even the highest of expectations.

Elitium has continuously evolved its strategy to combine the best technologies and techniques in the blockchain space – and the team is now inviting you to become a pioneer of blockchain-enhanced luxury living.

Elitium is offering you exclusive access to purchase its native coin – EUM – the coin will be listed on public exchanges in January at US$2.

EUM will soon power luxury living as the primary currency of the Elitium Luxury Lifestyle Network – this is your chance to start building your own luxury lifestyle.


Execution is key to the success of any cryptocurrency, and with a combined 40 years’ experience in luxury, 20 years’ experience in technology – the Elitium team is perfectly positioned to scale the luxury lifestyle proposition.

Raoul – CEO

Marketer | Innovator | Organizer

A proven trend-spotter who knows the luxury market inside out.

Jean-Piere – CTO

Technologist | Blockchain | Security

Cold wallet specialist, manages the coin supply, builder of one of the most advanced coins there is – EUM.

Collin Nicholaas – CFO

Law Abider | Financier | Entrepreneur

Set up many international businesses, understands how to scale an enterprise

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