Elitium: Life’s Greatest Luxury, Defined

Each of us has a vision for self-indulgence: days free from stress with a world of luxury at our fingertips.

Yet, even for those who think they’ve achieved their dream, one annoyance exists.

The closer we get to the ultimate stress-free experience – be it an exclusive yacht adventure, a chartered private jet, the revered artwork a world of collectors is chasing – the price we pay in process, administration, the strain of burdensome overheads, only sets us further from our goal. 


The Sector that Tech Forgot

Technology was meant to free us from monotony. It just seems innovation skipped luxury. Few have challenged the status quo, preferring to pay others to remove the strain. It is here that Elitium has identified its opportunity to redress the balance – keeping you in control of your lifestyle.

And we’re on the verge of revealing what a genuine life of luxury should look like. 

Luxury as we believe it can be: A lifestyle as an experience, unencumbered by outdated frustrations. No time wasted waiting for identity confirmation, document approval, or payments to arrive.

Instead, days fueled by exhilaration managed through the ingenuity of a single app.

  • A yacht at the click of a button, a code to scan before you set sail
  • An artwork on request, name your price and hang the new display
  • Even restricted access to global events, put on in the name of a mysterious exclusive Network: the kind of debauched goings-on you dreamed of as a child…


Until, one day, you’re actually sipping Veuve, backstage, at the Monaco Grand Prix; rubbing shoulders with the same like-minded souls who harbored similar dreams of unadulterated perfection.

When you’ve worked so hard to avoid the stresses of daily life, it’s only fair to reap the reward.

Elitium is the platform that enables your lifestyle to match expectations. Enabled by the blockchain, the Elitium ecosystem redefines luxury for the digital age, connecting high-net-worth consumers to renowned luxury brands for seamless access to a world without limits – all within a single platform.

The Height of Privilege

Privilege comes in many forms. At Elitium, we define it in terms of boundless luxury.

Hence, we’re building the Elitium Members’ Network to which we invite anyone who’s seeking elevated luxury to join. Come and discover the ultimate benefits of this unique ecosystem, opening a path to a lifestyle that is the reserve of the privileged few.

  • Limited edition products and one-time luxury branded goods
  • Restricted access to inaccessible sporting, fashion and film events
  • Discounted, curated luxury experiences organized by your concierge
  • AI-powered personal assistant with 24/7 dedicated concierge


Yet, the above is merely a taster of the exuberant lifestyle that awaits within.

App-enabled Simplicity

At the heart of the platform lies the Elitium Lifestyle App: a vision of hassle-free living as members receive a single-point-of-access to all your heart’s desires: one account, one login, spanning a catalog of luxury goods, services, and experiences with concierge support built in.

With the world’s most secure technology supporting a connected payments solution, you could soon enjoy life without a credit card as Elitium becomes your payments provider of choice. Where’s the need for a wallet when your smartphone can handle everything – from events booking to holiday arrangements, ticket storage to balance updates.

Better still, the more you use the Elitium platform, the smarter your account becomes.

The network uses AI to surface Elitium’s most relevant offers: whether you’re a sports aficionado, a wine connoisseur, or a purveyor of fine foods – Elitium is sure to have an offering to put even the most decadent of desires in the palm of your hand.

Blockchain-enabled Sophistication

Where Elitium unifies its luxury experience through a single app, the underlying technology presents the distinctive opportunity to innovate.

Imagine the peace of mind in knowing your money is secure, no matter events beyond your control? Such a dream becomes a reality through the tokenized insurance coin EUMI: a pioneering solution that safeguards your funds against malicious activity.

What about a world in which your spending is rewarded with currency you can spend throughout the ecosystem? Enter EUMX: the coin to replace even the most-fabled of high-flying rewards programs.


The Elevated Lifestyle of the Elitium Member

You wake up.


A reminder from your personal assistant: you’ve got a vacation to organize, and it’s meant to be next week – you’d forgotten all about it.

You swipe the notification. It opens the Elitium app.


You request a call to your Personal Concierge Manager, she’s there to handle any such request – the app dials her in.

–“I want a ticket to Dubai, for me, my wife. I need airport collection, private chauffeur. Oh, and a hotel close to the Marina – my wife would love to see the boats.”

You hang up. A text arrives, it confirms the details of your request.

Twenty minutes later, another notification.

Sasha has forwarded you two flight options, “morning, evening, what’s your preference?” and two hotels overlooking the marina – the choice is yours.

She will confirm the chauffeur once you confirm which flight.

–“Sasha, morning, please, and hotel option B.”

You’re just speaking to your phone, but voice command relays the message on. Then, Sasha selects your options while you drift back into a doze. You wake fifteen minutes later and there’s a message to confirm the booking: one click, your vacation is set.

Elitium processes your payment in EUM using your available account balance, though it connects to your credit card and offers the option to pay in Fiat currency.

You’ve already uploaded your personal details into the system for a previous trip. So, within half-an-hour, everything is confirmed, paid, with documents waiting – and it’s all stored in the mobile app.

You’re ready to travel!


The first night, you want to organize something special: you ask Sasha to find a restaurant – seafood, with vegetarian options – and to make a reservation. Fortune is on your side, you’re a Platinum member.

You’re given the chef’s table at Sloane’s – unheard of at such last minute!

Then, the week rolls by and you depart for Dubai.

On Arrival, you’re welcomed with a message from the Official Network of Elitium Affiliates with offers tailored to your trip: a yacht via Boatsters Black from Dubai Marina, a private plane at last-minute prices – in case of onward exploration?

…not right now.

After all, your personal concierge is just a phone call away: on-demand requests confirmed in an instant, international transactions quickly processed – no need to book. Instead, you’d rather find time to spend those EUMX coins saved from previous trips.

It’s about time you bought that perfume – or, should it be jewelry – for your loved one.

With the Elitium Member discounts on offer – perhaps you’ll buy both?

Discover your gateway to elevated luxury living – read about the Elitium Luxury Lifestyle App, here.