Elitium Big Plans Crypto

Elitium Is Not A One-trick Pony. We Have Big Plans To Scale.

If you’ve followed the blockchain space for a while, you’ll no doubt have tired of ‘ambitious’ platforms that quickly released a cryptocurrency.

Then, quite simply, downed tools — and stopped working.

That’s not a basis for a business. That’s certainly no reason to create a currency. Thankfully, that’s also nothing like what we at Elitium plan to do. In fact, we’d say our developments extend beyond the ‘ambitions’ of most.

We’re working hard to scale our platform into something global: a borderless Digital Economy, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Anything Digital Is Perfect For Scale

After all, digital products should scale by design.

While the ability to scale internationally is a foundational benefit of digital currencies, and we intend to leverage it to the max as we expand our Digital Economy.

Scaling has been the driving force behind seeking licenses to operate in Europe and the United States. It’s also the reason we’re now looking towards Asia for our next steps. And our technical products eliminate most of the growing pains (at least when compared to a physical product) — and we’re now scaling quicker than ever.

We’re in advanced discussions with several global exchanges that will, assuming we ink deals, get our digital currency in front of an even broader user-base. However, we’re not just leaning on exchanges to get EUM in front of an international audience.

We’re working with partners in the luxury and finance worlds as well. We’re bringing them into our ecosystem. And we’ll soon be onboarding them onto the Elitium App. These are names you’ll know, trust, and want to buy from.

And they’re the type of brands that will help our brand scale at the same pace as our technology.

Digital Products Still Need Infrastructure

We might be a digital enterprise run by a distributed team. Still, we need established products to give our operation a robust backbone.

We’ve spent much of 2020 scaling our platform into a global ecosystem that will soon become a game-changer for our users. As we release components, you’ll start to see how the puzzle fits together.

For now, we’ll give you a quick rundown.

We’ve redesigned the dashboard to give you a simplified, concrete way to access everything Elitium. From buying EUM to staking to referring your wider network — whatever you want to do, you’ll be able to do quickly in the updated Elitium dashboard.

The dashboard refresh plays into a wider focus on improving our infrastructure. This includes both strengthening our existing technology alongside introducing product innovations to market.

Nothing showcases this better than the launch of the Elitium Credit Card.

Each step forward only accelerates market penetration on a global scale. We’ll continue to announce the roll-out of new products on a frequent basis — as well as contribute to conversations on how crypto will influence the future.


Speaking of steps forward: have you seen the Elitium Development Report 2020

It tells you everything you need to know about what’s happened this year. See what’s going on behind the scenes — give it a read.