Elitium Is Building A Digital Economy. What Does That Mean For You?

Elitium’s reason for being is to help our users ‘discover value.’

That could mean discovering the value of premium quality digital products. Or in using a staking program that rewards users for supporting Elitium’s network. The idea applies to everything we do.

Still, it boils down to a singular mission: to create an ecosystem of products and services that will change how the world interacts with money.

Ultimately, our ecosystem can become a space in which anyone can seamlessly provide and consume a variety of luxury goods and services without facing the typical inefficiencies and costs one experiences today.

More than that: people will come to Elitium to stake our native cryptocurrency. And to spend it. Or to invest their preferred currency in a portfolio of unique real-world assets — as well as to trade.

These are the four pillars of Elitium. They comprise the ‘Digital Economy.’ 

When it’s fully functional, it will be your Digital Economy: an array of products and services you can use to unleash a life of independence, value, and growth.

4 Pillars Of The Digital Economy

Elitium is using blockchain technology to reimagine how people interact with all forms of money.

Our products promise efficiencies thanks to smart contracts and digital currency. In fact, it’s our native cryptocurrency, EUM, that’s powering the four pillars of the Digital Economy — here’s how.

Pillar 1: Staking

At the heart of every economy lies a way to grow the value of using and holding a digital currency. In the Digital Economy, this is the Elitium Staking program.

The Elitium Staking program is your way to get up to 6.5% annual rewards for helping Elitium grow. Just hold a balance of EUM in a dedicated staking wallet, and Elitium will reward you around the first of each.

Elitium Staking offers a super simple on-ramp into the Digital Economy. You can buy EUM with your credit card and start staking in one click. Then, withdraw your rewards whenever you want for pillar two: spending.

Pillar 2: Spending

What use is a currency if you can’t spend it? Not much. And therein lies the sticking point of most cryptocurrencies. 

There’s no place to spend them. The Elitium Digital Economy solves the problem. It creates real-world utility for EUM thanks to the Elitium card.

You can use the Elitium card at any merchant that accepts Visa, which gives cardholders over 46 million ways to spend EUM. You could even pay for a coffee halfway up Mt. Everest and earn cashback (which you could later withdraw in GBP, USD, JPY, or any currency from any Visa-enabled ATM).

For those who don’t want the card, you can still spend your cryptocurrency in the Elitium Suite: an exclusive marketplace for unique products and experiences — paid for using EUM to guarantee secure, fast, and low-cost transactions.

If you’d rather invest, we have just the solution in pillar three.

Pillar 3: Investing

Successful economies revolve around the efficient use of capital. Put another way; economies need people to invest excess cash in promising projects that could deliver growth.

Elitium Capital helps that happen.

Elitium Capital brings investments to the blockchain via a Digital Share Platform that offers global companies a simple way to raise finance through a fully-compliant tokenization process.

Tokenization turns valuable real-world assets into digital shares. Elitium Capital helps get the digital shares into the hands of accredited investors — giving anyone, anywhere in the world, a way to buy a piece of the New York City skyline.

Pillar 4: Trading

For every easy on-ramp, there must be a just-as-easy off-ramp. EUM hodlers can trade EUM at one of our partner exchanges, either switching it for another cryptocurrency — or swapping EUM to fiat if you want to cash-out.

Trading lies at the heart of value creation. Elitium is adding new top-tier partners every month to ensure the world can access EUM at leading global exchanges every day of the year.

The Digital Economy Means Value For All.

The world has gone digital. It’s time currency caught up. 

Money has evolved from goods to paper, paper to cashless solutions. But it’s yet to turn truly digital. Elitium is making that happen. 

Our innovations across staking, spending, and investments are paving the path to a new, hyper-efficient ‘Digital Economy.’ And our ecosystem of products and services is surfacing the benefits of this innovative concept.

Elitium is incentivizing people to reimagine how they interact with money, altering expectations around what currency can do.

Ultimately, the Digital Economy will deliver a life of independence, value, and growth for all.

Discover Value. Discover Elitium.