Elitium Backstory: Traditional Finance Needed A Credible Crypto Wealth Management Platform. Here’s How We Found Out.

Few start-ups look the same four years after ‘starting up.’ The original vision, while no doubt still relevant, always shifts with the times.

That’s precisely what happened with Elitium

At the outset, our vision was to ‘create a next-level luxury experience,’ enabled and optimized by the blockchain. But the world — and the technology — are vastly different from what they were four years ago.

So while our focus remains on creating a next-level experience, we’ve broadened our focus beyond luxury.

Our mission is now altogether more ambitious.

The Elitium Mission

Elitium exists to ‘redefine the investment landscape, uniting like-minded investors to create a global impact as one.’

We can deliver this by launching an ecosystem that spans Decentralized Finance, tokenized assets, crypto, and alternative investments, bridging traditional finance and the blockchain by focusing on:

  • Compliance
  • Ease-of-access
  • …and Simplicity

The product that will power this ecosystem is an evolution of the platform we started working on four years ago.

The soon-to-launch Elitium App: a blockchain-enabled crypto wealth management platform providing an exclusive investor pool with a highly accessible, compliant way to secure their wealth and diversify their portfolio beyond traditional means.

But as we said, the platform now looks very different from how it did at the start; let’s find out why.

Our Backstory

In early 2017, Elitium was nothing more than an idea.

Our founder and CEO, Raoul Milhado, saw a way to use technology to enhance the luxury experience.

Raoul explored how this could work by integrating a cryptocurrency payments system into his successful yacht chartering venture, Boatsters Black. That project led to a collaboration with Elitium CTO JP Morand, sowing the first seeds for Elitium.

Yet, it didn’t take long for those seeds to bloom.

The concept evolved from a basic payment gateway into smart contract-led efficiencies as the duo saw a way to streamline high-touch processes, like yacht charters, using automation technologies.

The more they shared the concept, the clearer it became: there was appetite for an ecosystem that united luxury services, leveraging synergies to benefit the client.

That was Elitium’s beginnings, but here’s where the path leads now.

Elitium—Four Years On.

In the last four years, blockchain technology has matured beyond recognition. 

There’s far less focus on spending as the world welcomes the dawn of a smarter financial infrastructure that revolves around new asset classes.

Decentralized Finance and tokenization lead the narrative. However, despite industry excitement, the wider investment world still lacks a credible way to capitalize on these new opportunities.

That’s why Elitium has broadened its vision beyond luxury — and why, over the last three years, we’ve ignored the hype of ICOs to design and deliver a crypto wealth management platform that overcomes the most pressing investor concerns, including:

  • High volatility 
  • Technical barriers to entry
  • Regulation, security, and compliance

Today, we’re providing investment services to venture capitalists, institutions, asset managers, family offices, and HNW private investors. 

In doing so, we’re actively bridging traditional finance with the blockchain.


Learn about blockchain investments: take a tour of the Elitium App.