It’s Happening: The Elitium App Launch Is Imminent

Last year, we dedicated our waking hours to product development. Twelve months of hard graft later, and we have a launch schedule in place for the Elitium App.

You will have the next iteration of our dedicated wealth management platform in your hands within the coming months. Rest assured: we are in the final stages of development — the release will happen in Q1.

Hot On The Heels of the Preview

If you subscribe to the Elitium newsletter, you’ll know we released an Elitium App preview at the end of last year. (If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up here, and you’ll never miss an update again.)

The preview gave our community the chance to test the app’s functionality, explore its interface, and share feedback about what works well — and where we need to sharpen our pencil. 

Your input has proven invaluable. And for that, our product team will be eternally grateful. The whole of Elitium is now gearing up for launch with a specific timeline announcement expected soon via our newsletter.

When the app finally lands, expect products like:

  • USD savings accounts
  • Gold-backed investments
  • EUM staking

…and much, much more. 

Just bear in mind: the launch will be one of many to happen throughout the year. We expect to update and iterate over the next twelve months, so you’ll see lots of new features landing in 2021.

These will include integrating the Elitium Card, incorporating tokenized assets, and offering exclusive experiences via the Elitium Suite. Then, once complete… 

The app will be the best-in-class blockchain-powered wealth management solution.


Experience smarter wealth management: test the Elitium App preview today.