Elitium App: What You See At Launch Isn’t All That’s Coming

There’s plenty of functionality we’re going to add to the Elitium App this year. But two products have the team particularly excited.

Today, we’re going to focus on Elitium Capital and the Elitium Card, sharing a little more about two pillars that are central to the Elitium ecosystem. We’ll also end with a few more updates around other products you can expect.

But let’s start with tokenization.

Elitium Capital Tokenization Platform

Elitium Capital is Elitium’s in-house tokenization platform.

The product offers asset owners a compliant way to tokenize luxury real estate (among other big-ticket items). On the other side, it lets accredited investors buy digital shares in everything from prized urban hotels to woodland cabins to paradisiacal retreats.

We’re on track to launch Elitium Capital Q2 this year, with the development team balancing their focus between the app and the platform. And yes, the pandemic did delay the launch.

But any setbacks have only helped us establish an ever-growing pipeline of exciting assets to tokenize in the coming months.

So, if you:

  • Collect art
  • Want to invest in real estate
  • Dream about buying digital shares in a sports star

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Elitium Crypto Card

Not long after Elitium Capital, you can expect the official launch of Elitium’s very own crypto debit and credit cards.

The multi-tier offering lets cardholders spend any one of thirteen cryptocurrencies across 46 million stores worldwide — while offering up to 1% cashback (in USD, EUM, and gold), alongside other generous EUM rewards at select luxury brand partners.

In essence, the Elitium Card will complete our ecosystem, giving clients a simple way to manage their wealth in an app that’s as easy to use as any mobile bank account.

What Else Can You Expect?

Beyond two headline launches, you can expect several lower-profile yet no less important integrations.

Elitium will:

  • Extend Stable Savings to include EUR and GBP
  • Offer liquidity pools (via Liquid Swap)
  • Unveil more exclusive investment opportunities

Not to mention, you’ll see features like dollar-cost averaging on the invest page, letting you schedule recurring investments to balance your entry price into each product.

Rest assured: this is very much Day One for crypto wealth management.


Take a sneak peek at all the Elitium products: check the Elitium App preview today.