Announcement: Elitium Chooses AMDAX As Its Liquidity & Custody Partner

Elitium is delighted to announce a new partnership with AMDAX — Bitcoin & Digital Wealth Management.

AMDAX will operate as a liquidity partner and custodian for Elitium, ensuring all digital asset trading and storing is facilitated via a recognized entity that complies with the new 5AMLD regulation.

The partnership underpins Elitium’s ambition to offer secure, trustworthy services at every level.

And it opens the door to institutional investors using the platform.


AMDAX is the Netherlands’ first crypto service provider and asset manager to be regulated by the DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank).

The DNB approval brings AMDAX in line with existing directives, meaning the Bitcoin and digital wealth manager can now process crypto-transactions for Dutch residents, alongside storing cryptocurrencies on investors’ behalf.

As a result, private investors with at least €25,000 in their portfolio can use this trusted operator as a custodian of their funds.

About the Upcoming Elitium App

Elitium is a next-generation wealth management solution, combining crypto, DeFi and digital shares in a single platform.

Elitium’s proposition is to ‘Create Value’ using four pillars: hold, spend, invest, and trade, with the ultimate mission of helping people discover a life of independence, value, and growth.

Elitium can leverage its partnership with AMDAX to ensure all transactions — and the custody of digital assets — are processed within a clear legal framework and under trusted regulatory oversight.

What’s Next for Elitium?

Cryptocurrency is quickly evolving into a more mature asset class. Today’s announcement puts Elitium in a firm position to capitalize on the trend as the company plans to launch the Elitium App and Elitium Capital in 2021.

The team couldn’t be more excited to work with AMDAX Group — with the partnership underpinning the integrity of Elitium’s services.

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