Gold Crypto Cashback

Earn Gold As You Spend With The Elitium Credit Card, Here’s How.

The crypto world has been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

The launch of a real crypto credit card. Not a card that asks you to deposit Bitcoin, just so you can spend Tether — but an actual credit card that gives you a dollar-denominated credit line.

The Elitium Diamond Card offers just that: an instant line of credit up to US$10,000 to every cardholder. All you have to do is deposit 150,000 EUM into your Elitium dashboard, then request to operate an Elitium masternode.

If the upfront investment raises an eyebrow, worry not: there are plenty of reasons you’ll want to run a masternode and get your hands on a Diamond Card.

Let’s look through them now.

25% Rewards To Repay Your Card

Elitium masternodes play a crucial role in the Elitium network. 

Each one hosts a full copy of our blockchain in real-time, alongside a full copy of the ledger, which allows the masternode to feed secondary-level services, enabling more advanced functions.

Owing to their importance, Elitium offers up to 25% rewards to Elitium masternode operators. Meaning you can get a regular reward-flow you can use to repay your credit card.

All it takes to get masternode rewards is a simple identity verification process, followed by the EUM investment — but there are plenty more reasons to want a Diamond Card:

  • Use your crypto card in over 46 million shops worldwide
  • Get 1% cashback on all spending (in EUM, USD, or Gold!)
  • Pay off your balance with your masternode rewards

One thing to note: the Diamond Card will be hard to come by. Given that each cardholder must operate a masternode, there are just eighteen in existence.

And you’ll need to act fast to get yours.

Spend EUM, Earn Gold.

If 25% rewards aren’t enough, how about this next innovation?

Every cardholder will earn 1% cashback on all spending. And you can set a ‘Cashback Preference’ in your Elitium Dashboard, choosing between EUM, USD, even gold

We don’t know of any credit card that lets you choose how you earn cashback, certainly no crypto credit card — and let’s think what this means… 

Say, you choose gold.

Every time you buy something on your Diamond Card, you’ll earn the precious metal, receiving 1% of the total value of the transaction straight in your Elitium account.

You’ll receive your gold in the form of PAX Gold: the highly-respected ERC-20 token backed by real, LBMA-accredited gold bar, stored in the most secure vaults in the world. You can even go into a physical gold retailer and redeem your bullion if you so wish.

However, getting physical gold in your hands is not the driving force behind this innovation. 

We chose to include gold to give you a simple way to earn, hold, and track a portfolio of assets within one fully-secured, easy-to-access platform — so you can diversify your holdings between:

The choice is yours: it’s over to you to adapt your cashback preferences according to your risk profile.

Entrepreneurs, Delight.

A final significant benefit of the Elitium Crypto Credit Card is…

We ask for no proof of salary. And we perform no bank balance checks. Meaning anyone is theoretically able to get a Diamond Card.

We chose this route as it comprises part of the population that banks prefer to forget: the entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and creatives who have less-than-typical income profiles. 

But Elitium wants to make financial products and services available to all. And thanks to our Diamond Card, all you entrepreneurs can now get a credit line in an instant — and start spending your balance without ever incurring a fee.

You can even earn gold. The choice is yours.