Raoul Milhado To Speak At The Europe Disruptive Investments Summit

Global markets are in unknown territory. 

Negative interest rates and geopolitical risks are weighing on investors’ minds. While even fixed income, a once-safe haven asset class, has become a risk-on play.

Now, asset managers are looking for new sources of value. Naturally, alternative assets are on the menu, but one challenge is holding investors back.

A lack of understanding. That’s why GDA Capital is hosting the inaugural Europe Disruptive Investment Summit, starting at midday on 14th July — and Elitium CEO Raoul Milhado will both speak and lead panel discussions at the event.

Here are the key details.

Europe Disruptive Investment Summit

Alternative assets are not only positioned to beat inflation. They offer the very real prospect of delivering outsized returns. 

However, even as investors show interest, a knowledge gap remains. A void the Europe Disruptive Investment Summit aims to fill by bringing together disruptive investment managers and traditional family offices with a focus on Europe.

Expect to learn about groundbreaking European case studies and hear from disruptive entrepreneurs building the future of the digital world, covering cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, and everything in between.

  • What: Europe Disruptive Investments Summit
  • When: Starts Midday on 14th July
  • Where: Online – Attend For Free

As unprecedented intergenerational wealth transfer begins and with COVID-19 still hanging in the air, there’s never been a better time to rethink your investment strategy.

Start by joining Raoul at the Europe Disruptive Investments Summit.