Our Custody Measures Ensure Your Funds Are Safe, Here’s How.

When you put your money in a bank, a regulator makes sure it’s safe. And that gives you confidence.

But where crypto’s concerned, regulatory oversight is often less obvious. Which means you rarely know who (if anyone) is checking that a platform either operates in your best interests — or keeps your money safe at all.

At Elitium, that’s not the case. 

We work with the most trusted digital asset custodians in the sector: firms who themselves are regulated by the authorities that watch over your bank.

Let us explain.

AMDAX Keeps Custody of Client Funds

AMDAX is a Bitcoin and digital wealth manager based in The Netherlands. 

The company’s also the first digital asset manager to be regulated by the De Nederlandsche Bank (that’s the Dutch Central Bank to you and me).

The DNB oversight forces AMDAX to follow the latest directives, as that’s what gives them the right to process and store crypto transactions on an investor’s behalf. In doing so, the digital asset custodian also complies with the 5AMLD regulation.

Given that crypto regulation is so fast-paced, it’s crucial we work with partners who keep up with the latest developments. And AMDAX does just that, which is why we use the platform to store all non-invested Elitium client funds.

While the partnership underpins our mission to offer secure, trustworthy, and transparent client services at every level.

Paving The Path To Institutional Investment

If Elitium didn’t offer robust custody, there’s no way we’d be able to attract institutional investors to our platform.

That’s why we placed emphasis on first securing the right partnerships and then rolling out our investment features. And now that we have the necessary safeguards in place, institutions are lining up to invest in digital assets via Elitium.

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