You Can Now Add Art To Your Investment Portfolio, Here’s How

The ultra-wealthy have long seen art as a cornerstone of their investment portfolio. But for most people, high-value artworks have long been out of reach.

Thanks to Elitium, that’s now changed.

The Elitium NFT marketplace means you can browse an extensive collection of original masterpieces before buying a digital or physical work in just a few clicks. The marketplace is integral to our mission to help investors discover value across a range of digital assets.

We’re delighted to share the latest addition to our platform with you.

Elitium NFT Marketplace: Invest In Art In A Few Clicks

The Elitium NFT marketplace brings art investment to the masses. 

The platform includes both physical and digital artworks, making the offering one of a kind while ensuring clients can build the most diversified portfolio possible.

As the marketplace uses NFTs, it also helps buyers, sellers, and creatives worldwide enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain, delivering a more seamless, more transparent, more secure art world for all.

Here’s how the NFT marketplace works:

  1. Click here to create your account
  2. Browse the collection of artworks
  3. Click on any work that catches your eye
  4. Hit Buy Now
  5. Pay using bank wire, cryptocurrency, or credit card

There’s nothing more to it: once you find a masterpiece you like, you can make it yours in a matter of clicks. 

If it’s a physical piece, you can then request delivery in the ‘Portfolio’ section of the marketplace. If the work is digital, you’ll have the NFT as proof of ownership. Either way, you’re free to resell the work once the lock-up period expires.

Invest like the ultra-wealthy: buy an original artwork today.