The Decentralized Digital Economy.



Elitium is much more than a cryptocurrency or blockchain company. We are building a decentralized Digital Economy.

From Boatsters to Elitium

  • It’s 2014 and luxury yacht charter Boatsters has just been founded
  • Boatsters rapidly grows opening offices in Mallorca, Miami, and Amsterdam
  • 2017 rolls around and the platform takes off with 12,000 yachts listed in 63 countries
  • In 2018, arrives Boatsters’ pioneering wallet-to-wallet crypto-payment solution
  • 500% year-on-year growth spurred a team into action

…the need for a luxury blockchain solution was clear.

Independence. Value. Growth.

The vision first emerged following the development of a P2P crypto-payments application at the luxury yacht charter platform, Boatsters Black. Early success drove us to reimagine wealth management from the ground up.

We spent our first three years focused on building products that redefine how people interact with money. Today, we have a portfolio of FinTech products and services powered by a native ERC-20 token — and we’re using blockchain technology to help people like you discover a life of independence, value, and growth.

Elitium Coin

Create Value. Every Day.

Everything we do at Elitium, we do with one goal in mind: to create value for our users. If you look at our solutions, you’ll see what we mean:

  • A central dashboard includes staking, nodes, savings, and gold
  • Staking offers up to 6.5% rewards, nodes up to 25%
  • A diamond-studded card offers a US $10,000 credit line
  • Stable Savings pays up to 3.4% interest

You can even buy digital shares in tokenized luxury real estate. And you can do it all using the Elitium App (launching soon on iOS and Android).

Elitium Coin

Keep The Vision Moving

Elitium isn’t just ‘building a lifestyle product’ or ‘servicing a global user base.’ We’re developing the value propositions of tomorrow with initiatives the likes of which the world has never seen.

Our wealth management dashboard uses the blockchain to ensure value can flow freely throughout the decentralized Digital Economy — while the simplicity of our investment products means even those with limited technical know-how can still use the solutions, discover value, and reap the rewards.

We’ve even created crypto’s first real credit card: a card with a $10,000 credit line that pays 1% cashback on all purchases so that anyone, anywhere, can enjoy their wealth in over 46 million shops worldwide.

Our focus on ease-of-use, with low barriers to entry, is helping the crypto world overcome the hurdles to mass adoption that many in the past have faced. And we’re innovating every day to grow the intrinsic value of our native cryptocurrency.

Grow With Us

In the not-too-distant-future, this decentralized Digital Economy could become society’s leading destination for people looking to maximize the value of their money.

Ultimately, it can create a luxury lifestyle for all.

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