Quality. Integrity. Innovation.

Elitium is much more than a cryptocurrency or blockchain company.

It’s time that currency caught up. Just as trading goods gave way to coins; now, the natural selection to replace paper and metal must surely be digital, right?

Digital currency that offers value to those who use it. A flexible medium, as easily swapped for a morning coffee as invested in a luxury hotel. Or, say, used to pay for a sub-sea adventure in the Maldives?

Something you can spend where you like and earn instant cashback rewards. Or, that you can hold, or invest, knowing interest will accrue — that’s Elitium’s kind of digital currency.

In our minds, it sounds like digital luxury. And today, we’re releasing products to let our digital currency power a shifting economy, connecting the old world to new. In doing so, we’re unlocking a new world of luxury for all.


From Boatsters to Elitium

  • It’s 2014 and luxury yacht charter Boatsters has just been founded
  • Boatsters rapidly grows opening offices in Mallorca, Miami, and Amsterdam
  • 2017 rolls around and the platform takes off with 12,000 yachts listed in 63 countries
  • In 2018, arrives Boatsters’ pioneering wallet-to-wallet crypto-payment solution
  • 500% year-on-year growth spurred a team into action

…the need for a luxury blockchain solution was clear.



Building the future of luxury

It is a grand mission, but it stems from modest beginnings: a crypto-payments solution developed at digital yacht charter platform Boatsters — the innovation that let clients rent a superyacht using any one of 55 cryptocurrencies.

It was a development that played a major role in Boatsters success. Such was its impact that our team started researching the advantages of the blockchain and how it could overhaul the luxury experience on the whole — say, through efficiencies in integrating smart contracts and digital payment solutions.

In 2018, Elitium came into being.

In a short time, Elitium has her native cryptocurrency EUM listed on CoinMarketCap and has progressed to build a revolutionary, industry-first staking program — all without an ICO.

We’ve harnessed the power of the blockchain, Crypto, and A.I. to service real-world use cases and build real-world value for global clients, partners, and investors alike.

Elitium about

Today, the Elitium vision has moved forward.

We’re no longer simply ‘building a lifestyle app’ or ‘servicing a global user base.’ We are developing the value propositions of tomorrow with initiatives the likes of which the world — a world beyond mere luxury — has never seen.

One day (in the not-too-distant-future), Elitium will emerge as society’s new paradigm for the ultimate lifestyle.