We are Elitium

We are Elitium

We’re creating a digital economy, one innovation at a time. With a currency, you can stake, spend, trade, or invest — putting the luxury lifestyle within anyone’s reach.

Elitium vision

Our Vision

More than just a cryptocurrency
The world’s gone digital. It’s time currency caught up. Learn how Elitium is making that happen.

  • Buy anything, anywhere
  • Invest in groundbreaking assets
  • Discover true independence, value, and growth

See the vision behind Elitium’s innovations.

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Elitium vision
Elitium Team

The Team

Business — Blockchain — Legal
Elitium has the skills needed to build a long-lasting business. We’ve been working in our industries for decades.

  • Experienced executives
  • Core team of business and design experts
  • 14 full-time blockchain developers

Meet the team building the vision.

Meet The Team

Elitium. Join us as we redefine luxury.

Elitium Luxury

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We do not share data with 3rd-parties.

  • Staking means holding your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a specified period of time. These funds are used by the network to support its operations, and for that, you get your interest rates.
  • Simply deposit EUM coins to your Elitium staking wallet and start making profits.
  • You can stake up to 100,000 EUM. Higher amounts are treated by request. If you want to stake more, please, contact us directly.
  • No, we do not impose any fees on staking. Users only have to pay a negligible network fee for uploading and withdrawing the funds.
  • Yes, you remain in full control over your funds even if you stake them in our system. However, if you spend EUMs for any third-party activities, your balance will change and so will the reward that you gain from weekly snapshots.

Questions? Ask away at support@elitium.io