We are Elitium

We are Elitium

We’re creating a digital economy, one innovation at a time. With a currency, you can stake, spend, trade, or invest — putting the luxury lifestyle within anyone’s reach.

Elitium vision

Our Vision

More than just a cryptocurrency
The world’s gone digital. It’s time currency caught up. Learn how Elitium is making that happen.

  • Buy anything, anywhere
  • Invest in groundbreaking assets
  • Discover true independence, value, and growth

See the vision behind Elitium’s innovations.

Discover Our Vision
Elitium vision
Elitium Team

The Team

Business — Blockchain — Legal
Elitium has the skills needed to build a long-lasting business. We’ve been working in our industries for decades.

  • Experienced executives
  • Core team of business and design experts
  • 14 full-time blockchain developers

Meet the team building the vision.

Meet The Team
Discover value. Discover Elitium.
Elitium exists to make crypto accessible to all, manage your digital asset wealth and live a life of independence value and growth. Apply today.
  • Staking means holding your funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a specified period of time. These funds are used by the network to support its operations, and for that, you get your interest rates.
  • Simply deposit EUM coins to your Elitium staking wallet and start making profits.
  • You can stake up to 100,000 EUM. Higher amounts are treated by request. If you want to stake more, please, contact us directly.
  • No, we do not impose any fees on staking. Users only have to pay a negligible network fee for uploading and withdrawing the funds.
  • Yes, you remain in full control over your funds even if you stake them in our system. However, if you spend EUMs for any third-party activities, your balance will change and so will the reward that you gain from weekly snapshots.

Questions? Ask away at [email protected]